Earlier this week, it was reported that MMG rapper Meek Mill was ordered by a Philadelphia judge to take etiquette classes. While it may seem like a strange punishment, it fit the crime rather well. Apparently, Meek had outed his probation officer to his fans, who then went on a Twitter spree, cyber-threatening the PO at length. As a result, Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced Meek to etiquette classes (to be completed by August 4th) to brush up on his social media skills. When we took a look back at some of Meek's tweets from the past three months (his pre-May 2013 account history has inexplicably been wiped) it's obvious why he needs etiquette classes—dude gets pretty ignorant with the tweets. Here we've collected 25 choice tweets that highlight Meek's lack of etiquette. Get ratchet.