We can all agree that it's hard to watch when older artists decide to reemerge and stake their claim in modern hip-hop. It's always forced and usually contrived, and almost always comes at the expense of a currently-popping artist. In keeping with that trend, Atlanta's Ying Yang Twins have recently had a resurgence of sorts, and have focused their re-claim to notoriety on one central platform—talking shit about French Montana (see above). Now, they have a bit of a reason to start a feud with Frenchie, but only a bit—the ad-lib that they used on their hits in the early 2000s is now being bastardized by Montana, who has made that famous grunt ("Hanh!") a central part of his music-making.

Ying Yang's problem with French is that he hasn't given respect where it's due, and have even gone on to release a song called "Sayin' My Word." Guess what it's about? Now, to be clear, we're not siding with anyone here, but we wanted to do a quick comparison of the ad-libs here, just to present both sides of the controversy. Check out a playlist of tunes from both French and Ying Yang below and decide for yourself.

Ying Yang Twins

The first 10 words of this song are "Hanh" and "Yup."

The "Hanh"'s here aren't that pronounced, but they're definitely all over the hook, courtesy of D-Roc, who also dances really well in this video.

There's a few in the intro, and speed up to 2:20 for some buried "Hanh"'s.

French Montana

At 1:16, French yells through a series of "Hanh"'s.

This song is just filled with the "Hanh." Filled.

We're not sure if French says anything besides "Hanh" on this one.

XXL's Conclusion: Though we love French, it's hard to deny that dude bit the ad-lib entirely. But, we're still not mad at him for it, because he took it and made it his own. And to be fair, he's doing way better than Ying Yang right now, so he can keep on "saying their word" all he wants.