5 Rappers Who Cried Retirement Before Returning Soon After

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  • Miami rapper SpaceGhostPurpp has been having a rough couple of year. After working closely with A$AP Rocky as he started to amass fans (and even producing a few tracks on Rocky's debut mixtape <i>Live.Love.A$AP</i>), Purpp and the A$AP Mob bitterly parted ways. Fast forward to today, when Purpp announced (via his manager Kadafi) that he would be retiring from rap. In the announcement that came via a Facebook post, Kadafi said, "SPACEGHOSTPURRP MUNEY JORDAN will only stick to producing he will not be rappin." Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Purpp's threatened to quit, as he mentioned in late 2012 that he would be departing from the "shady ass rap game." In hopes that he isn't done yet, we compiled a list of rappers who recently announced their retirement, before putting out a new song or project soon after. Check it out…
  • kid_cudi_10
    <h2>Kid Cudi</h2>
    In October of 2010, beloved alternative star Kid Cudi told MTV, "I'm just over rapping. I don't get any fulfillment out of it anymore." As his fans anxiously digested the statement, they luckily weren't left hanging for too long. Just 12 days later, Cudi dropped his highly anticipated <i>Man On The Moon II album.</i>
  • waka_flocka_10
    <h2>Waka Flocka Flame</h2>
    In July of 2011, everyone's favorite wild boy Waka Flocka told interviewer Ryan Cameron that he would be quitting rap, admitting, "I’m tired of going through what I go through, and punk asses always rain on my world." He continued, "I’d rather work at Walmart than rap, and that’s my word on God." His word didn't last too long, as he put out a new mixtape in <i>LeBron Flocka James 3</i> just three months later.
  • nicki_minaj_10
    <h2>Nicki Minaj</h2>
    In April of 2012, Nicki Minaj spoke to UK radio host Tim Westwood about her Twitter hiatus and her views on the rap game. In the conversation, she went on to wonder (in the third person), "the Kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game." Nicki would go on to drop a new single called "The Boys" five months later, and a reissue of her second album with <i>Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up</i> just two months after that.
  • lupe-fiasco
    <h2>Lupe Fiasco</h2>
    On September 5 of 2012, Lupe went on a Twitter rant about fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, saying, "i have spoken peace only 2 receive vitriol and malice in return." He went on to explain, "i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this." He released <i>Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1</i> just 20 days later.
  • azealia-banks-1333908363-megapod-0
    <h2>Azealia Banks</h2>
    In late December of 2012, fashion darling Azealia Banks told Hypetrak TV, "I don't want to rap anymore, because I think it's easy and kinda tacky. It's very unlady-like." True as that may be, Azealia returned to rapping just four months later with her Lil Internet-produced hit single "Yung Rapunxel."

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  • Guest

    How the hell do you forget about Jay-Z doing the same shit!

  • Subz325

    Jay-Z, How come he isn’t on the list?

  • t bern the baddest

    Jay Z has done this more than anyone else why inst he on here too? Ohh wait its probably because your website has been non-stop dick riding him.

    • XXL

      Actually not that. We didn’t include because his most notable retirement came after ‘The Black Album,’ and he didn’t put out another album until three years later, with ‘Kingdom Come.’ If you take a look at our list, it’s made up of rappers who “retired” and put out new music within a few months of the announcement.

  • OriginallyNamedUser

    wheres the game? he said that LAX was going to be his last album.

  • What…

    …The Cudi slide is mind-blowingly stupid. He didn’t retire from rap and decide to come back with MoTM II. He finished MoTM II and then “retired” before it was released. After that was released, he relegated himself to singing hooks and focused on WZRD for a while before officially returning to the rap game.

  • What…

    …And the Lupe slide, seriously what lazy dumbass made this article? How the fuck can someone “retire” and decide, “Fuck it, I’ll put out an album in 20 days or 12 days”? The albums (Lupe’s and Cudi’s) were done and they were set to release. It would have made more sense to put Jay on here, he said he was going to retire after “The Black Album” but released an early version of “Ignorant Shit” (without Beanie Sigel) that following summer, and then an actual album, “Kingdom Come”, two years laters.

  • Art Brooks

    They sound like crackheads: “Okay, I quit!! Well, maybe later. Okay, this time for real…”.

    What about Too $hort? (I guess he never returned immejiately, so he don’t qualify for this list).