It's a story that goes back to the golden days of rock 'n roll, and probably even further—when is the band getting back together? For a number of hip-hop groups, the answer is as complicated as it is calculated, with many egos and paychecks hanging in the balance. But this year has seen a number of classic groups from the "golden era" of hip-hop reuniting for some anniversary performances and new material, leading to a building excitement among fans. Chief atop this list is Wu-Tang, getting back in the studio for the first time since 2007's 8 Diagrams and for just the second time since 2001's Iron Flag. Yet while the 20th anniversary of their East Coast classic Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers was the catalyst for the crew's reunion, other hip-hop groups are similarly rejoining ranks and putting their creative energy together again. Here are 5 hip-hop groups that have performed reunion shows in just the past few months.