While it may be difficult to see things clearly in these times of turmoil, when controversial trials like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman one go public and become cultural touchstones, they inevitably inspire plenty of shared opinions. And as we continue to have our own private talks about what we think actually happened the night of Martin and Zimmerman's fateful altercation, many public figures have also taken to social media to express their feelings on the trial's verdict, which you can check out here.

Meanwhile, some artists—from Wyclef Jean to Styles P—have also taken to song to release timely and emotional responses to the injustice of Trayvon's murder. Unsurprisingly, this isn't a very new trend. Through tragedies both political and judicial from the past 20 years, rappers have always been vocal about their support (and opposition) to unjust current events. Here we've compiled 5 events that spawned new music from your favorite artists.