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Earlier this week, J. Cole issued a public apology after using the words "retarded" and "autistic" in lyrics on a song called "Jodeci Freestyle," which he recently released with Drake. In the letter, he mentioned that he regretted using the words, but also wrote, "Recently there’s been a trend that includes rappers saying something offensive, only to be attacked for it in the media and pressured to apologize. I have to be completely honest and say there’s a part of me that resents that. I view rap similar to how I view comedy. It’s going to ruffle feathers at times." While the XXL staff certainly doesn't condone using offensive lyrics in songs, we happen to partially agree with Cole, in that he's certainly not the first rapper to use offensive words like "retarded" in his raps. To prove this, here we've compiled 25 lyrics in which rappers—from Kanye to Eminem to Tyler, The Creator—used the word.

El-P - "The Full Retard"


"I am Sam, I am known to go H.A.M., the full retard / Playing taps on a keytar, in the Benz or the Beamer."

Canibus - "Get Retarded"

Canibus_Bad Beat

"When I bomb shit, I get retarded; probably more than you bargained / I'm talking about rip a mic off your arm shit / Hype shit, blow up a mic shit, you might get / Beat the fuck up in broad daylight with a nightstick."


Chief Keef - "Hobby"


"Now I'm bout to go to sleep, man / Still wake up gettin' money / Tadoe off the molly / Man, Tadoe so retarded."

T.I. Justin Timberlake Remix

T.I.: I’m shocked & saddened to find that the world has lost such a great spirited person. Paul Walker was not only a passionate, talented actor, he was also a sincere man with a genuine personality, that filled a room immediately upon introduction. My family’s hearts & prayers is extended to his family, especially his daughter. He will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace. #RIPPAULWALKER

Jasper Dolphin - "Trashwang"


"Get chipped like that nigga from 'Stomp The Yard' / Don't fuck with Jasper, he a retard / Kill your motherfucking grandma and have your family scarred."

Childish Gambino - "Bonfire"


"I made the beat retarded, so I'm calling it a slow jam."


2 Chainz - "Crack"


"I be going dumb, I be going retard / With no regard for no broad."

J. Cole ft. Trey Songz “Can’t Get Enough” Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011)

Tyler, The Creator - "Radical"


"Rebellion and defiance makes my motherfuckin' cock hard / Fuck pigs, fuck guards, all some fucking retards."

Wiz Khalifa - "It's Nothin'"


"What can I say, my DNA is Givenchy / Why my swag is? retarded / What I'm driving? Ferrari."



Lil Wayne - "Turn On The Lights (Remix)"


"I'm purple kush forever / I'm purple drank forever / That dick make her feel retarded / She say I make her feel special."

Future - "Bitches & Bottles"


"Let's get it started, let's go dumb and retarded / Let's get as high as we wanna, let's go and burn up a forest."

Earl Sweatshirt - "AssMilk"


"Known narcissists, sipping on arsenic / Carved carcasses in the garage, don't park in it / Hard as finding retarded kids at Harvard."

Eminem Born 10/17/1972


Kanye West is widely recognized for his music and fashion sense. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has been credited for starting several trends when it comes to fashion. Ye began his career rocking nothing but Polo, but as his money got longer the rapper began to wear expensive threads and took his style to another level. As his popularity grew in the hip hop game, clothing brands and footwear companies noticed, and began to pitch Ye ideas of possible collabs. Kanye is known to partner up with only the best and most appealing brands in the industry that is why Ye just doesn't collab with just anyone, but when he does the whole world stops and awaits the release of whatever product Kanye is involved with. With that being said, we take a look back at the best collabs Ye has been a part of in the apparel and footwear world.

Kanye West

Big Sean - "I Do It"

Big Sean “Mula” Detroit (2012)

"I'm high, I split an O in half, now it's a parentheses / Crazier than crazy, ape shit, retardedly stupid."


A$AP Rocky - "Cockiness (Love It)"


"We running' clockwork / So we got purp and we got work / Tell Ri-Ri I go re-retarded / On a remix, had to re-record it."


Dom Kennedy - "My Type Of Party (Remix)"

Dom Kennedy*

"That's for all you bloggers, I'm fuckin' the bitches that you bloggin' / Went Goyard retarded, and my VVS is flawless."

Action Bronson - "9-24-11"


"Strength of a retard, the drugs are even stronger / Shorty loved the longitude, dealer bring a quarter through."