10 Reasons Why Pusha T’s ‘My Name Is My Name’ Won’t Drop On July 16th

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    <p>For the past six months, Virginia-bred MC Pusha T has been promoting the release of his debut solo LP <i>My Name Is My Name</i>, originally set to be released July 16th. Via interviews, viral videos and just about every media outlet you can imagine, Pusha had his sights on that date, and rap fans fittingly got hyped to watch him finally strike out on his own.</p><p>But alas, as is the way with many artists who aren't able to build up a proper buzz with promotional singles&mdash;Pusha's Future-featuring "Pain" wasn't exactly radio-friendly and the more recent "Numbers On The Boards" fizzled quickly after its release)&mdash;it looks like Pusha's intended release date will come and go without any new music from the coke boy.</p><p>Now, since there could be many other factors at play in the delay of Pusha's LP, <i>XXL</i> compiled a list of 10 possible reasons why Pusha won't be putting it out on July 16th.</p>
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    <h2>Kanye pulled Pusha aside and said, "I'ma let you finish, but I got this new <i>Yeezus</i> album that I'ma put out and it's gonna leave your album in its promotional dust. Cool?"</h2>
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    <h2>Yeezy told Pusha he'd have to wait until G.O.O.D. Music's <i>Cruel Winter</i>, Big Sean's <i>Hall Of Fame</i> and <i>Watch The Throne II</i> dropped before he put out his debut.</h2>
  • <h2>When Pharrell told Pusha he wouldn't be giving him any beats for the album, Pusha got so offended that he threw out his computer and all of the hard drives containing his new music. This angry yet affectionate display did not convince Pharrell to lace Push with any beats.</h2>
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    <h2>Pusha decided to quit rap to pursue writing novels in Paris, a la Lupe Fiasco. The only difference? Pusha's novels would essentially be autobiographical memoirs about slinging cocaine.</h2>
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    <h2>Upon hearing his sometimes-nemesis Drake's "Started From The Bottom" track about going from being a semi-successful child actor to a highly-successful adult rapper, Pusha's head exploded, leaving him unable to record any new songs or promote the album.</h2>
  • <strong>Track:</strong> "Ride Around Shining," <em>Hell Hath No Fury</em> (2006)
    <h2> After listening to his brother [No] Malice's <i>Hear Ye Him</i> album, Pusha decided that he also wanted to take the holy route, forcing him to scrap <i>My Name</i> and record a project full of religious raps.</h2>
  • <h2>Reigniting an old rivalry, former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence re-friended mentor Kanye West, forcing Pusha T in the awkward position of having to pretend to be friends with the Cons again. Unable to hold back his hatred, Pusha hit Cons over the head with a pool cue, prompting Kanye to kick Pusha out of the G.O.O.D. Music crew for… good.</h2>

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  • Ronald Jack

    What kind of hating ass article is this? I think it was suppose to be funny but damn this was wack

    • dropkickmurray

      i agree but its true man, pusha go the hardest in the clique always has and that nigga ain’t even put out a debut!? where clipse at mane bring back skateboard P

      • https://twitter.com/KB_116 Mr. 116

        No Malice is still killing it.

  • dj

    this the stupidest article ive ever heard

    • Hannya

      Agreed. Bullshit like this is why I don’t fuck with this magazine anymore.

  • Rigby

    This is stupid. The only reason the album hasn’t dropped is because he hasn’t had a hit single to sell his album.

  • Broward County, 954

    LIL WAYNE IS WACK, HE PURCHASED ALL THE BROKE DJS IN SOUTH BEACH PLAY, DREAM, CAMEO, 99.1 , 96.5 all they play is wayne and DAT SHIT GAY (riley boondocks voice)

  • Josh Lainfiesta

    This is lame as fuck! Damn! XXL staff can fuck off. we all know pusha is the man

  • Ohi Eromosele

    ahahaha y’all should leave the satire and sarcasm to Complex. y’all tried