XXL Says Happy Father’s Day To The Dads In Hip-Hop

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  • jb
    Jay-Z and Blue Ivy share a moment
  • 50Cent
    50 Cent and his son, Marquise
  • Andre3000
    Andre 3000's son Seven is a spitting image of his father...
  • bigboifam2
    Big Boi with his wife, Sherlita, and their two sons Cross and Bamboo
  • biggiedaughter
    The late Notorious B.I.G. and his daughter T'yanna
  • BigPun
    Liza (Big Pun's widow) and their three children
  • bunB
    Bun B is the father of two children
  • CoryGunzxPeterGunz
    Peter Gunz loves his son Cory
  • dmx
    DMX with his ex-wife, Tashera, and two of their four children
  • DougieFresh
    Doug E. Fresh is a father of two children...
  • e-40-5
    E-40 is the father of Droop-E
  • eminem-pic2
    Eminem hanging out with his daughter Halie
  • fabolous_son
    Fabolous happy to be with his son Johan aka Joso
  • flav-family
    Flavor Flav and his clan get together for a family photo
  • Ice-T out with his son Tracy aka Lil Ice
    Ice T and his son Lil Ice...
  • IceCube
    Ice Cube and his wife, Kimberly, with their four children
  • #laurynfam
    Lauryn Hill goes out and about with her five children (she is currently pregnant with a sixth)
  • Lil-Boosie-Family-Pic
    Lil Boosie poses with his very happy family
    Silkk the Shocker hangs on the red carpet with his son, Lil' King
  • LilWayne
    Lil Wayne out with two of his children, Reginae and Dwayne
  • LordJamar
    Lord Jamar takes a break from fatherhood for a quick photoshoot
  • ludacris
    Ludacris is thrilled to spend a day with his daugther, Karma
  • master-p
    Master P poses with his children Romeo and Cymphonique
  • Nas
    Nas and his ex-wife, Kelis, with the rapper's daughter Destiny
  • NElly
    Nelly and his two children.
  • ODB
    The late but unforgettable ODB is the father of seven children
  • p-diddy-family
    Diddy posing for a red carpet moment with former girlfriend Kim Porter and his 5 children - Christian, D'Lila, Jesse, Quincy and Justin
  • rev-run-family
    Rev Run enjoying some quality family time with his Simmons Klan
  • russellsimmons
    Russell Simmons enjoying a night out with his daughters, Ming and Aoki
  • #Fathers Day - Featured
    Will Smith with Willow and Jaden.
  • kanye kim

Once every 365 days, the world sentimentally joins forces to honor and celebrate the men who indefatigably change the world every day. But this day isn’t for the police department or firemen; it’s not even for the soldiers – it’s for the men responsible for creating, grooming and raising them. Today we pay tribute to the father’s of the world.

Coming together for the annual third-Sunday-in-June celebration, XXL is here to wish all the men in hip-hop a happy Father’s Day. To see just how great these guys are, we’re here to give you 31 of the best father photos hip-hop has to offer. Now that’s something to celebrate. —Amber McKynzie

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  • the ibe

    well you can free DMX… ^^

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    What about tech n9ne xxl?!

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    ODB = 13 children

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    Most niggas don’t take responsibility for there children.sad but true.
    Whatchu talkin bout free X an Boosie.they locked up 4 a reason niggas.
    Eat a dick!

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    Chris Rock’s face in the background of the Lauryn picture is priceless.

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