Havoc of Mobb Deep has been having a rough week. Yesterday, his Twitter account apparently got hacked, in the process leaking pictures into the world of Hav's flappy upper body as well as a candid shot of his… thing. Now, we're assuming this was a hack (it's happened to him before), but there's a part of us that thinks this might've just been Havoc releasing the glory of his… thing… onto ladies all over the world. Havoc's no stranger to online romancing, as gossip site MediaTakeOut leaked the info close to seven years ago that Havoc had joined dating website WealthyMen.com, a site geared toward mates looking for a man who makes more than $100,000/year. Since Havoc seems to be having such a tough time with the ladies, the loving team at XXL decided to hook the Mobb Deep rapper up with a potential dating profile that might help him land a woman who'll love him for who he is. Check out his triple-legendary page below!