Mach Five finally releases their movie project. The duo lets go of their hip-hop piece called "We Ballin," which is a mini hip-hop musical. The 28-minute short is directed by Cory Davis. This is a wonderfully creative piece of work, serving as both visuals for the group's music and as an imaginative look into the lives of two young men's epic quest to a party. Think Friday on Broadway.

Here's the YouTube description:

“We Ballin” is a short film structured around the lives of two friends, Corey & A.ware, who are on a quest to fund a loft party they’ve been planning for later that evening. Along the journey Corey struggles with the ins & outs of relationship quarrels, after an uneventful encounter a with jealous girlfriend. While A.ware indulges in the fast life following their “Live Fast, Die Young” moniker.

You can check out the video above.