The 5 Best Twitter Rants In Recent Memory

The Dream 2

Late last night, R&B crooner The-Dream—who recently released his stellar fourth LP IV Play—went on a bit of a Twitter rant after being called out by a fan for his new album’s low album sales. In the rant, he defensively said, “AND……. but what changed? Boat,Maybach, my kids Rich? Unless the 43k I sold affected ure life style this ain’t the 90s.” He continued, “Spend 7 million I’m promo and Marketing and to sell 300k.. Nigga please. Just to say you did good. Nigga ima make 5mil on sync fees idgof.” While The-Dream is certainly a successful recording artist, no one is really sure why he got so aggressive on Twitter, but needless to say, it’s nothing new for the social networking site, which is often used by disgruntled rappers who’ve got a lot on their mind. Here we’ve collected our five favorite rapper Twitter rants in recent memory.

  • Mr. Propane

    J. Cole & Lupe Fiasco… speaking the truth

  • Chong

    J. Cole speakin’ on XXL there?!

  • I Got That Work !

    How is the Jay Electronica drunken rant not here. That was some funny shit.