The 16 Biggest Moments At Summer Jam XX

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Attend Summer Jam

After a movie date in Manhattan, Jay-Z and Beyonce went across the river to New Jersey, where they were spotted heading into Metlife stadium. Rumors instantly started circulating that Jay would come out during Kendrick Lamar’s set to perform their remix to “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” but Hov never took the Summer Jam stage. Apparently the evening’s guests of honor were content with just being spectators.

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  • BooLuminati

    They really trying to play Papoose, I’m not feeling that. Let me tell yall what happened from a first hand account. I was at Summer Jam I was heading to the main stage to finish shooting the performances. Wu-Tang was on stage, as I walked I saw Papoose behind the stage near the ramp that artists use to go straight to the stage. I know Papoose so I greeted him, I asked him what’s up and he asked mewhat I was doing I said taping the show he said make sure I get him because I might need the footage I said cool and then Asked when he was coming out, he told me that kendrick Lamar was gonna bring him out I said cool i got you. I walked off to my spot to finish taping the show. Fast forward Kendrick Lamar comes on stage does his thing. Now sidebar; there is a time on stage out of sight of the audience but in view for the performing artists. Throughout the show I would look at the timer to see how long each artists had left and whether I would have enough time to change a battery or card or bathroom etc. Now back to Lamar, he said something about giving props to the east coast artists and then he had asap mob on stage. At the end of the song there were about 75 people on stage and as Kendrick seemed to be leaving stage with the mob I noticed there were 3 minutes left to his set. Then Papoose emerges from the same crowd and performs with Ron Browz. Now mind you there are at LEAST 5 checkpoints before you get to the stage, so if Papoose wasn’t supposed to get there he would NOT get there. He wouldn’t get out the parking lot. Plus his music was playing and his mic was working so somebody approved him.~From Director MaziO

  • 2 Chainz and French Montana are the shittiest rappers out at the moment, I didn’t think it was possible to take that tile from Lil Wayne or Tyga, but somehow they did it.

  • mgr2881

    french montana is a horrible rapper and deserved to have his set cut off. I’d shoot myself if that aint worried about nothing song played any longer than it didi.