Tech N9ne spoke about his forthcoming album, Something Else, during his interview with Rolling Stone. The Missouri rapper shared details on a special track with the influential rock band The Doors.

Tech says he’s been a fan of The Doors for years. When he started Strange Music in 1991, he paid tribute to two Doors songs—“People Are Strange” and “Strange Days.” "If I didn't listen to their music and their fusion of sounds, I probably would've never called [my label] Strange Music," he says. "I have Jim Morrison to thank for that. Who would've fuckin' thunk it years later that I would work with his homies?"

Tech is set to create a new version of “Strange Days” called “Strange 2013,” which will feature the surviving members of The Doors. He explains that the track came together through producer Farid “Fredwreck” Nassar. "I told [Strange Music], I know the Doors, so if you really want to do a song with the Doors and you have the budget for it, then maybe I can call them," Fredwreck said. "I figured, let's get the real guys to do it."

Read the rest of the article that reveals Tech’s original idea of reworking “People Are Strange” and recording with the late organist Ray Manzarek. Something Else is in stores July 30.