Rapper Eldorado Red Charged In Murder Of Lil Phat


A new suspect has been indicted in the murder of Louisiana rapper Lil Phat.

ABC News obtained reports that indicate that rapper Gary “Eldorado Red” Bradford is one of the five men charged with Phat’s 2012 murder. Strangely enough, Red had previously collaborated with Phat on a number of tracks from their respective mixtapes McRado’s 2 and Return Of The Mob.

The other men who were charged with the murder include Division II college basketball star Decensea Xavier White, alleged Russian mobster Mani Chulpayev, Maurice DeWayne Conner and DeAndre Washington.

The five suspects face six counts of participation in criminal gang activity, murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Conner and Chulpayev face additional charges of possession of a deadly weapon by a convicted felon.

Bradford is being held in police custody without bond. XXL will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

[via ABC News]

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  • Cocaine Howie

    Damn that was a hit.

    • 11thKenpachi

      of course it was. the man was on his way to see his new born an they hit him up in hospital parking lot

  • Cheez

    Red from the gump,Alabama real hustlers he must needed the money bad

  • dunn dunn

    Mob shit! Eldorado Red a real ass nigga!! he innocent! free eldorado!!!!!!!

  • dunn dunn


  • dunn dunn


  • 504HardHead

    RIP Lil Phat!!! Louisiana coming fa red! U take one of ours we taking 3 of urs! On my body fucc red!

  • Dunn Dunn/ 604/778/JT

    Death B4 Dishonor/ Loyalty B4 Royalty/ 2713 the MOB!!! Free My Big homie Eldorado red/ This nigga and his music made me get up and go get it! Real Shit Real Spit free my role model!! He innocent!!! Real Recognize Real!!! 604/778/BC

  • Dunn Dunn

    Free Red I swear i aint gon be right if my dawg aint out, i been yelling free rado for over a half year now, this shit fucked up!! DeathB4Dishonor/Omerta!!! Rado the 1 of the realest in da game, no fufu shit!!! 778/604/VanCity

    • Canuck_11

      Fuck you, Lil Phat was better than faggot ass eldorado.

  • Nv

    Yea yea let red go n see how Lou niggas touch him up