After the Earth-shattering news broke this week that not only did Kim Kardashian give birth to her baby with Kanye West, but that the baby's name was actually North, a lot of people began talking about what the little girl's nickname would be, with a source confirming to People that the couple planned to call her "Nori." Well that got Sway to thinking, and he had Queens rapper N.O.R.E. call in to his radio show to talk about Yeezy nicknaming his baby after him.

"First off I would like to say congratulations; bringing a baby into this world is one beautiful thing," N.O.R.E. told Sway. "I have plenty of babies, more than one hand can count, and I love it.

"A good friend of mine at G.O.O.D. Music—don't guess 'cause I ain't gonna say their name—texted me and goes, 'Yo, did you know that Kanye nicknamed his baby after you?' When I actually [saw] the report...I was just so honored, 'cause I have never met any Kardashian at all. Scott Disick is pretty cool with me and Kanye is pretty cool. Even if they named [her] Nori and Kim doesn't know who I am, I'm sure Kanye knows who I am, so I'm very honored, man... Now I got a baby remotely nicknamed after me, AND I FEEL FANTASTIC ABOUT IT!"

He then continued, sharing some particularly hilarious thoughts on the situation, offering to be the baby's "Thugfather"—"Instead of the Godfather, I'm the thugfather!"—and revealing that he doesn't follow the gossip trend of calling the pair KimYe. "I call them 'YeKim, I don't call them KimYe, cause I come from hip-hop, and I feel like he's hip-hop royalty as well."

Check out the full interview on SoundCloud right here.