Meet Jacob Williams, New Cast Member On Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’

XXL: Tell me about your background in comedy and improv.

Jacob Williams: I’ve been doing stand up comedy [for] six years now. I started in college and I’ve gotten to do a lot of improv at places like Second City. I’d always been a fan of comedy growing up, but have only been doing stand up and improv for a few years, so doing a show like this was kind of a perfect opportunity because it brought so many different things that I like together.

Did you watch the original show when it was on MTV?

Yeah, I used to watch the show, and I always thought that…it just seemed like the most fun job to have. I always thought there was a really good vibe on the show, and that people seemed to really get along. And the audiences were always great.

Is there a writing process for the show, or is it all improvised? 

It’s pretty much improvised. Sometimes for certain games, I might have a minute or two before it’s my turn to go, but for the most part it’s all made up on the spot. And you never know what can happen, because everyone is bringing different ideas. There’s something really cool about doing improv on the spot.

So Wild ‘N Out is famous for bringing out hip-hop acts for the show and for performances afterward. Were you a hip-hop fan growing up? 

I listen to hip-hop. I listen to a lot of different music, but it was pretty exciting to see some of the guests that came on and everything. But yeah, I definitely listen to a lot of hip-hop. And on this show, there were all these guys who make songs that I listen to on the radio and stuff so, yeah, it was very surreal to meet some of those artists and actually be on stage while they’re performing their hit songs.

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