Meek Mill Associate Lil Snupe Dead At 18


Multiple sources confirm that Dream Chaser’s own Lil Snupe died this morning. He was 18.

An initial report on AllHipHop stated the Lousiana artist was shot and killed. While there are no concrete details as of now, his manager sent out a tweet confirming his death.


Snupe impressed Meek Mill by passing off his demo to him during a tour stop in Louisiana. In less than an hour, Meek gave him a call and signed the young upstart to his Dream Chasers roster.

“He was in a van, they was finna pull off. And I went and knocked on the van, on the window. They let the window down, grabbed the mixtape and it was like 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later they called me,” Snupe told MTV News in April.

Lil Snupe joined Lee Mazin, Louie V Gutta, Goldie, Jahlil Beats as a flagship artist for Meek’s record label. His recently released mixtape was R.N.I.C. (Real Ni**a in Charge).

UPDATE: According to KNOE 8 News, police officials confirmed Snupe was killed in Winnfield, La.

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  • rafa

    wtfff wow

  • Yung_Mac

    Thats cray cause i bump this nigga everyday…..R.I.P

  • darktwistedjojo

    its okay, im pretty sure he was just a shitty rapper who bragged about killing people, so he deserved to die. all you thugs who rap and brag about murder are pieces of garbage who deserve to die. you are ruining this world

    • latebut

      WOW. you are horrible

    • CoopCIty

      Shut ya bitch ass up. We talkin about life. He was 18 years old. no matter what he deserved to life. U a pussy ass bitch

      • reallow32PA

        yo everyone makes mistakes, but death shouldn’t be the case for everything….but some dumb motherfucker’s think so….Ain’t never walked a mile in a man shoes so don’t judge them til u do@darktwistedjojo:disqus …shut the fuck up,punk ass, more than likely u live some where police protect bitch ass people like u!!!!!Quite hidden behind the wall and bring your bitch ass to the light…hoover nation..

      • Joe Possanza


        • jimmy

          ur a bitch boi cum swallowing faggot, lil snupe was ma nigga and whoever want the WAR get at ME. #bang bang we gonna find who did dis

          • Boo

            Yep, that is the exact mentality that got “yo nigga” murdered. Stop doing the same stupid sh*t and expecting a different result. Dumbazz “nigga’s” like you and yours deserve to catch a bullet. I only wish you morons would learn to shoot straight and stop hitting innocent people who are not trying to live trif like you are. Ignorant azz hood booger… PLEASE KEEP KILLING EACH OTHER and make the world a better place for the rest of us! And stop multiplying like cockroaches!

          • Rodien Blindeling

            Ye The Black people of North-America just make the others black people in the world look bad ( sorry for the english not my first lan )

      • LIKEwhat

        war isn’t at your doorstep/ so to u assholes war is not real.
        Soldiers die everyday. 4 just died yesterday
        No one is promised or has the right to anything.
        The world dosent revolve around what u feel

    • villematic319

      thats messed up man. regardless of what he rapped about that’s someone’s life. that’s real. to think someone is that irrelevant or deserves to die is just wrong.

    • Yung Splashy

      Boy Shut the fuck up Lil Snupe rap about real shit…shit about life…get yo facts right

      • Yayolol

        All he talked about was killing, be real.. bein a goon and gettin money. I mean i would never wish death on a person ever but i mean if you gonna talk the talk you damn sure better walk it. Cant say young boy didnt bring some of that his way..

    • BangClack

      Stfu He Wasn’t Asshole Eat a Dick >> If You Don’t Got Respect Then Bounce B

    • jessica

      you need to revaluate your life and the value of life if you feel like this.

    • Chloe Dinard

      maybe you should listen to the fucking song. you deserve to die just for saying this. you’re just a pathetic ignorant person sitting behind a computer screen saying shit like that. you are ruining this world. you’re just as much garbage as them.

      • Yayolol

        So how ignorant do you sound telling him he deserves to die as well? This world is filled with hypocrites

      • darktwistedjojo

        ive heard this little douchebag rap about killing people. he deserved to die. karma is a bitch



    • dch_93

      how can you honest say a person deserves to die, nobody is worthless. i pray god has mercy on your soul cause your going to hell for this one

    • bgogo

      This very insensitive, I mean you talk about ruining the world? Lunatics like you bring this place down with comments like that. But like you said he raps and brags about it…ITS ALL FOR SHOW. Just like any other action movie you watch…all for excitement of the audience.

      • darktwistedjojo

        except action movies are fictional. all the actors go home at the end of the day. rappers blur the lines between real and fictional and act like being a ignorant thug with a gun is cool. alot of rappers say and have really killed people. therefor this kids death is justified. its really sad that thats the path he chose, but hey, maybe someone will learn from these idiots mistakes.

        • Ihateto Forget G

          na man you so fuckin wrong u have no idea

        • Roddo

          “alot of rappers say and have really killed people. ” <—- You must've of heard that on the internet, so it MUST be true. Crawl out ya box bro ..

        • Igoturmommaonacorner

          maybe I should drop your bitch ass in the hood and watch how fast you can run

        • Solo OakhollowMade

          Yu Couldn’t Survive A Hour In A Real Niggas Shoes …Its So Many Thing That A Nigga Like Me Go Through In One Single Day… He Never Bragged About Killing If Yu Listen You Would Know That Dumb Ass Bitch… Rapping Was His Way Out… Just Because Yu Are A Jealous Untalented Bitch Don’t Give Yu The Right To Criticize Anyone’s Life… 2Pac Was One Of The Greatest Rappers To Ever Live And If Yu Listen Close He Wasn’t Bragging He Was Just Sharing His Feelings About His Struggles Growing Up In Corruption, Poverty, Drugs, And Gang Violence All Around Him Every Fucking Day. Watch What The Fuck Yu Say About People Yu Sick Sadistic Bastard!!!

    • jay

      Naw bruh funny thing is this boy used to rap about the struggle and where he came from. R.I.P. The world is crazy real talk.

    • RS1_III

      Im seriously shocked that you would sit there and say some stupid shit like this, you seriously have some issues you need to fix because people like you make this world a fucked up place to be in, how would you feel if someone said fuck your life blah blah blah, thats disrespectful thats someones SON, GrandSon, Brother, Cousin…how do you think his family feels.? smh man

      • darktwistedjojo

        Its sad that those people lost a son, grandson, etc. But if this guy was running around killing people and taking lives, then he honestly had to go. This guy bragged about doing the same thing you are sad about.

        • Villuminatic

          Dude you’re an absolute asshole. The man was from Louisiana, the highest death rate of America is held there, Yet you’re probably somewhere nice and safe all cooped Up. People have to survive that boy rapped about how He was surviving and that he did what needed to be done. Stop being such a BUTT, and realize that everyone deserves to live a full, decent life. You hating on a man that’s already dead, look at yourself.

          • Boo

            The reason Louisiana has the “highest death rate of America” is BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE THIS LITTLE SH*T! Don’t you get it?! You can’t be a victim of a situation you are helping to create. I hope all P’sOS like this one kill each other off. The streets will then be safe for people who actually are trying to survive.

        • FUNURMOM


        • Daniel F Toler

          Lol you are the WORST kind of troll, I mean basically you are saying that because you heard him rap about killing and shit that he did it? Or because rappers have claimed to really kill people yet, somehow, no law enforcement official caught on and persecuted ANYONE… you share your needles?!?! I hope not, because the drugs you are on are destroying humanity……the kid died… 18……have a heart and realize that it’s sad or just shut the fuck up and go bother someone else, because believe it or not, the shit you have had to say SO FAR…….hasn’t enriched or even informed 1 single life let alone humanity…..I’d tell you to go die but unlike you, even though you deserve it, I would still feel instead…….keep living as the miserable fuck that you are and maybe 1 day……GOD will grant you serenity and clarity………..#CerealKiller

    • ghgfh

      stfu u stupid ass hole u didnt even hear his music so dont fucking judge him pussy

    • Spitticus

      Nah, ignorance ruins the world. You seem to be doing a good job of that. So next time you say people who talk about things that actually happen “ruin” the world, even though it happened before they did and always will happen because of your shitty government. I don’t care where you’re from, your life is shit. Your reality is shit. You are shit. You will never be more than a piece of shit with nothing to offer to the world. You are insignificant, irrelevant, and unwanted. Get the fuck off a hip hop magazine moron. I’m banning your bitch ass from hip hop. Nobody likes you in this industry.

      • darktwistedjojo

        Im pretty sure bragging about murdering people is ignorant. Therefore people like this rapper are a big problem. The hip-hop i like is the hip-hop that doesnt feed into stereotypes, murder, etc. If you brag about murder, dont be surprised when it happens to you.

        • Spitticus

          Ignorant is the lack of knowledge of, you fucking idiot. Are you serious? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK IGNORANT MEANS? Nobody I know has ever said “hey yo let me go kill someone because of this rap song I heard” dumb ass Eminem rapped about killing his wife all the time lol. You’re basically trying to nullify the first amendment with “You’ll get what could happen to anyone if you say this because you just will. No reason why. Just because you say, or if you say something it will happen to you.” How about I’m rich as fuck, guess that’s gonna come to me too right

        • Spitticus

          Obviously by your statement you have never listened to his music, he never bragged about killing people. No fucking rapper REALLY says “I kill people” point blank, you are contradicting the MEANING OF THE WORD IGNORANT. Omg you do not know how fucking stupid you sound, I hope you learn English better soon. Btw amendment #1 Freedom of FUCKING speech. I’d rather have someone talk about something rather than doing it, which he never claimed he was a murderer at all.

    • FluPac

      I’m sure you aren’t perfect in your life neither but does that mean you deserve to die? you got actors who portray killers and nothing is said about that,shut the fuck up.

    • Nicholas Lloyd

      bruh you left the same exact comment on youtube… trolling huh? you still a hoe boi

    • #Swank #HHG

      You should be ashamed for saying sum as ignorant as that.. That nigga had talent and he was more than what you will ever be, You are a sad excuse of a human being,

      • darktwistedjojo

        its sad that you guys are defending rappers than claim to murder people. oh well, you are all a lost cause. i really hope you dont kill anybody in your lives, innocent people deserve to live. and this kid wasnt innocent.

        • #Swank #HHG

          If anybody deserves to die its you, you really should feel bad for saying something so STUPID and IGNORANT as that,

        • Dash

          How do you know they murder people. You spent half of your time in the internet and you think you know something. You’re probably a murderer yourself! Just STFU and mind your own business if you have nothing good to say.

    • Dash

      I know you’re trying to make a point here but no one deserve to die and nobody give a single shit about your ass. You don’t even have actual prove that he commit any crimes in what so ever. For you to judge someone by their music you’re a fucking ignorant barbaric piece of shit. I’m guessing you’re a racist cunt who have nothing better to do in this early morning. He’s dead and you are sitting behind your computer talking mad shit that are irrelevant. God bless you!

    • NotonmyLevel#sitdown

      People like you run this world and if you think about it its people like you that make people like us. If you stop taking all our money and showed us respect, maybe you wouldnt be the next in line to end up like him

      • Boo

        No one is taking your are probably spending what you do have on bullshit like weaves and cheapazz clothes at Rainbow and car rims. Shut up because you probably get your money from welfare anyway! That is MY tax money, not YOUR money!

    • John

      Nah he was actually a great rapper that was full of life and people like you be eating shit every fucking day. He bragged about having nothing and finally achieving success. You are the real person ruining this world, irony at it’s finest.

    • Will A Million

      If he was a shitty ass rapper, than u are just a shitty ass!!!!

    • sha

      u are not god so for u to say wht a person deserve is wrong u better pray a stray bullet

      • sha

        don’t hit u today

    • Mybitchescallmedaddy

      You don;t know shit about hiphop. GTFO


      Far from Shitty

      Meek Mill , Lil Snupe Freestlye in studio part 3

      Youtube that and you’ll be impressed really

    • MONEY-X


    • Warna

      @ darktwistedjojo you deserve to die for that statement hope you go to sleep and never wake up. For the record im not a lil snupe fan but i do have feel for his untimely demise. No one, except darktwistedjojo, deserves to die. Got a issue with wut i said, look me up in ya navigation and address me correct.

    • ashley n, riska


    • Ben Billy

      R.I.P Lil Snupe, so sad when very young people die. @darktwistedjojo:disqus you’re high on bullshit.

    • Edwardmatthews1006

      And you kicking a dead man while he was down doesn’t make you garbage? You also fail to understand mainstream rap is about having a good time and listening to some loud bass that WILL GET YOU HYPE. Your the type of little white boy sitting behind his desktop who thinks he’s big because he can say what he wants without any repercussions… about someone who just recently died! Your mother needs to beat your bigoted ass down and teach you some manners

      • darktwistedjojo

        Just because i dont support bragging about murdering people doesnt mean i am a bigot or white. Dumbass. So glad I dont live in the ghetto

    • Dreamca$er300

      i would funkin beat the shit out of your no life havin bitch ass. put up a video if your really a man saying your opinion on Lil snupe.

    • Solo OakhollowMade

      Fukk Yu Hoe Ass Bitch.. Nobody Deserves To Die.. And For Your Info He Was Very Lyrically Talented But Dumb Ass People Like Yu Dont Even Take The Time Out To Listen!

    • Ronell slaton

      You may have knowledge but how intelligent are you

  • Dalvin Andretti™

    Reading these comments really show how ignorant some people are smh i feel sorry for your daliy lives

  • RS1_III

    who is this bum ass nigga below bitch you deserve to die worthless piece of shit BITCH. no sympathy havin ass nigga

    • darktwistedjojo

      Oh so its okay for a guy to brag about murder but its wrong when he dies? You know how many rappers brag about murdering innocent people like thats not a terrible thing to do? The thug mentality is ruining this world.

      • raf87

        nah your fucked up corrupted governments and media are fuckin shyt up the shyt they do doesn’t even compare

        • Monkey D. Luffy

          do something about it instead of complain lazy ass niggas these days lost all the civil rights momentum after you got accepted by the whie man get your asses up ask for better education jobs and help in you’re communites maybe things would change and innocent young kids wont die

      • RS1_III

        Its deeper than that though this was a kid who had a gift of putting words of truth into music something most people cant do…im just saying man.

    • Blake

      Learn how to speak like a civilized educated human being. The way you’re talking is just making you come across as an uneducated illiterate thug.

  • RS1_III


  • @bigzoe_

    it’s sad how w/o even knowing someone, ppl can immediately judge them and say bad things about them. what’s even worse is the fact that the person who’s name you’re degrading is DEAD. but you still wana go play the “holier than thou” card. smh

  • Lu ser

    shit who did is the question? #RIPlilSnupe

  • adream

    i agree with coopcity thats too young to die he didnt even reach 21

  • Bighomie57

    yao who ever said that dumb shyt shud choke on a dick .
    R.I.P To the homie Lil Snupe!

  • RS1_III

    i guess theres a picture of him and some dude playing the game and the dude playing the game with him supposedly shot em


    Damn man R.I.P TO SNUPE

  • Randy Gloria

    stop arguing yall.. cus sum of yall on this comment thing wont live to see tomorrow.. u never kno wen its ur time.. u can get off this site go outside n get killed. cherish every moment.. rip lil snupe u were a good artist with alot of talent at only 18..

  • Justin Shaw

    To the people writing these sick comments. I hope someone blows one of your family members heads off.. Then tell me about “deserve to die” fucking idiots will saying anything over the internet.

  • Natascha Forté Packer

    Sorry Lil’ Daddi… Spit suhm’ up there…

  • Jameer

    I read some of these comments and just cringe because our generation is so illiterate it is disgusting. Yes RIP to this young man but, my oh my am I scared for my future kids.

    • darktwistedjojo

      Look at the kids right now. They brag about murdering people and think its cool.

      • Jameer

        You mean “DeY Brayg bout merderin ppl n thnk is cool” … Like I completely understand its just a song and I honestly like Meek Mill and other artists like himself. The thing is that so many young people in my generation think it is cool to do harm to others. I just don’t get it. Personally everyone needs to be thrown in school and kept there until they’re able to read/write/speak at a level that is acceptable for society.

        • Jameer

          And I know people will comment and be like “you pussy” and what not but, actually to all of you who read this I am a 3 time state champion in 175 wrestling in Michigan.

  • Jordan Paydatfee Gray

    actuallly he rapped a lot about helping his mother and siblimgs get in a better situation and the daily life of a person with limited opportunities


    Lil Snupe be goin in…

    in the ground I mean.

  • Shanice M

    He was a blood sacrifice for meek mill… wow watch who be around.

    • illuminatiwatcher

      you could be right about that..

      • Shanice M

        I know it for a fact !

  • Will A Million

    a dice game?? A $100 dollar bet?? We got to do better ppl!!!

  • John Razimus

    Sad, Lil Snupe won’t get to watch game 7 tonight RIP

    • Nigga from EVEREST

      Hey “John” wanna know how I know you’re gay…you still walk around with that dildo stuck up your ass…

      • John Razimus


  • Mike lafleur

    damn RIP!

  • FOLK103

    this is crazy but why would he be in the hood shootin dice with niggas that do homicide
    he must been bout that life

    • Leo Gfn Williams

      Wasn’t nothing new to him…

      • FOLK103

        so now when he got put on he should stay away from ppl like that smh

  • Yeezus_Christ

    All over a dice game… Ain’t that some shit. *Shrugs*

  • Charles

    rip man you deserve the best and even more… We’ve just lost one on the greatest young rapper @Lilsnupe you would be remembered for ever

  • Zsa Zsa McQueen

    This is Bullshit. Lil Snupe was Onto Something. This Nigga Had Talent. He Was a True Lyricist. SMH. The Jealousy Was Real. Niggas Stay Hating on A Nigga Getting A Little Shine.

  • Mr_Austin

    i didn’t even know much about him, but it hurts my heart to keep hearing stories all the time about young black men being killed. some things have just got to change.

  • Lightsout

    My prayers go out to his family n friends, life is to short,

  • Frank Gorillizi

    Blood Sacrifice for the illuminati???

    • Shanice M

      that’s what i’m thinking…

  • ashley n, riska

    R.I.P LiL Snupe u will be truly missed

  • Roselyn Falowo

    No parent should bury their child. My heart goes out to his family and “REAL” friends. The first video i saw of him was him dancing to speakers going hammer , then his rap battle with deseans artist . He was gonna be big , ballin like melo SWIIISH! This is so sad.Sadly this is how society is nowadays, the same person you kick it with, could be the same person to get you fucked up. RIP lil snupe.

  • John Doe

    darktwistedjojo watch what you say, don’t think you untouchable joseph rivera, this how homicide take place buddy. don’t be a victim to the yearly Statistics.

    • jimmy

      tell em my G

  • Dana Sterling

    blood sacrifice…..r.i.p to the homie, smh its truly sad how ppl can have no respect for life. when u kill someone there is a ripple effect. what about his family? friends? so many ppl are torn apart right now at the loss of this young man. every life is precious to somebody. smh truly sad….

  • ♡ℛ.ά.ℰ ♡

    No one deserves to die at a young age.

  • FlatBlimp

    war isn’t at your doorstep/ so to u assholes war is not real.
    Soldiers die everyday. 4 just died yesterday
    No one is promised or has the right to anything.
    The world dosent revolve around what u think

  • wax

    truly a sad sad day, the kid is real nice. if you havent seen it, go check the desean jackson battle video.

  • ¥.J.M.$

    That nigga was just chasing his dream, but niggas was on that snake shit so the pop him. #RIPLilSnupe

  • Tiara KG Kingston

    Damn aspiring to be great and it was taken away. I’ll keep him in my prayers!!

  • Fuck u lames

    I hate how some of yall so called fans used to talk shit about snupes music and now hes dead yall re dick riding him yall niggaz are some attention seekers dick suckin lil bitches RIP lil snupe

  • Jody B

    maybe when you have the chance to make it out of the hood…maybe thats what you should do..why fuck around knowing youve hit a nice lick? smh

  • Ekka

    Disrespectful hating ass’ will never change! Real recognize real
    Rest easy Lil Snupe, nobody deserves to die so young!!

  • Jose pasada

    yes i think this is the same

  • Ronell

    Lil snupe would have been one of the greatest no one could touch his freestyle game at ALL