Mac Miller Talks Sea Turtles, His New Album And Rapping About Movies

the-royal-tenenbaums-film-poster (1)

“I’m royal like Tenenbaums in Lebanon” – “I’m Not Real,” Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Yeah, Royal Tenenbaums is an amazing movie. The imagery there is tight, just imagining the Royal Tenenbaums in Lebanon, that’d be sick. All the Wes Anderson movies he casts very well. Like the Luke Wilson suicide scene? That shit is so tight, that shit is crazy. I love that movie for real. It’s one of the movies that I’ve purchased off iTunes so I can watch it whenever I want.

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  • spoonsmcgee

    i myself take movies seriously

  • MrUnknownX

    Take that dumb Roc n Roll shit out of here! This is hip-hop respect the culture. Eminem would never do no crap like this.

    • n griffin

      he’s changing the game, keep on hatin’