Lil Durk Arrested With .40-Caliber In Chicago


Lil Durk was arrested early Wednesday with a loaded .40 caliber handgun after he threw the weapon in his car when police approached, a source tells DNA Info.

Authorities picked up the 20-year-old rapper, who was in the Englewood neighborhood, as they were investigating a call of a person acting suspicious with a gun. According to the source, Durk was spotted tossing the gun into his car when they rolled up.

Police recovered a loaded .40-caliber and arrested Durk on site. He was charged with “unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.” He is expected in court for bond on Thursday.

In October 2011, Durk was pulled over for drinking in his vehicle. During that incident, sources say he was in possession of a gun. This latest arrest is his second offense, police said.

[via DNA Info]

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  • Ben Sutton

    it’s disgusting thses guys are throwing their lives away

    • B .

      can’t stay out of trouble

    • 1 Mic

      it’s disgusting “rappers” like him got deals

      • GrizzWitIt

        -_- Rappers like him made rap Watt it is 2daii maybe not his style but the content i dont knoW watt type shyt u be listenen 2 but it Cant be the same as the one i do Cuz a niGGa Would KnoW that…

      • ❤Jodi’s Girlfriend❤

        ^^ You Have To Understand Living in this it is a struggle especially when people know your trying to make it out of this city. And reason he has a deal is because he is talented. So stop trying to Knock him.

        -Camille ,17 Chicago.

  • AdrianA

    as long as they stay in chiraq how can you blame them? they 2-4 they cant be lackin or else they could get taken out. either they need to not get caught, or leave the city–and the latter won’t be happening ion think.

    • Dj Chiszle

      I guess you believe all the shit they rap about. These dudes are rappers now. Being in the streets and all that is in the past for them. Damn near everybody have guns everywhere

      • Emeka Ijeli

        So you think just because they’re rappers nobody’s targeting them? Look what happened to 2 Chainz and remember what happened to Flocka?

  • kl klux

    this nigga dumb he already on parole smh

    • fuck the klan

      i wish he could have shot your racist ass before getting picked up

  • Derrick Brown

    damn he got in trouble again for a gun, is bad

  • Willie Beatz

    Dont say no dumb shit like he throwing his life away mf u go to chicago get famous come back and walk around with out a gun either u gone be a new worldstar video or new statistic thats real shit

  • Obama Cotton

    Somebody called and reported a person acting suspicious with a gun sound like niggas set him up. Niggas cant stand to see someone gettin money but considering he a felon he doin over a year smh.

  • joe

    chicago isnt a joke if u live here uk whats up