Photography by Karp

Peace and positivity was the theme as Lil B tore down the Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, for the Village Voice 4Knots Music Festival After Party yesterday (June 30). Here’s the scene: The crowd was diverse, the energy was high, pink bandanas everywhere, and there was even a cardboard cutout of a bowl of wonton soup. At 10 p.m., the crowd erupted as The BasedGod came out wearing a white T-shirt, bright colored shorts, shades and a pink bandana under his bucket hat. It was a scene out of a movie. Fans screams was so loud, it sent quakes inside the Music Hall.

Lil B started off the night by giving a public service announcement to everyone to keep positive before he began to rip the stage. “I don’t want to see no fighting, keep it based, keep it positive,” echoed BasedGod. He went on to perform hits such as “Like A Martian” and “Ellen Degeneres.”

As mosh pits started to simultaneously pop up in the crowd, the show never felt like it was getting out of control. Even as sprinkles of fans jumped on stage when Lil B was performing, things never took a turn for the worse. The BasedGod never lost beat, even hugging some of them and asking security to escort them off. He then continued to say, “Spread positivity, spread love, everyone that getting based, keeping positive, I really love y’all.” He went on to perform “Suck My D*ck Hoe” and some popular cuts off his 2012 mixtape Trapped In Basedworld like “Connected To Jail” “The Truth” and “Texas.” He also did “I Own Swagg” which sent fans into a frenzy, jumping on stage and stage diving. Lil B never faltered though, continuing the show, performing “B*tch Mob Anthem” and “CNBFTBGB.” He then gave the green light for any girl who wanted to come on stage while he performed some cuts. A flock of women then began hurling themselves by the BasedGod's side. He performed “Woo Woo Swagg” as more women flooded the stage. One girl even knocked the microphone off his hand. He hugged as many as he could and even signed a girl’s bra.

11 p.m. hits, and Lil B asked the crowd to take a breather. He asked to dim the lights so things could get more intimate while he performed “Real Person Music,” as everyone threw peace signs in the air. He turned it back up, performing “Realest B*tch Alive” and “Eat.” He continued on to preach to his fans: “Love is the No. 1 weapon. Be happy you alive.”

For over an hour and a half, Lil B ripped the stage, ending his set with huge hits like “Giving Up,” “Wonton Soup” and “I Love You.” The West Coast spitta than thanked his fans and jumped in the crowd, staying for more than an hour after his performance, taking pictures and signing autographs for all the fans in attendance. It was truly a based night in Brooklyn.