King L Tells The Story Behind His ‘Yeezus’ Experience

“I’m In It”

“My timing was off cause there was a big ass time difference, so I went to sleep as soon as I got there. Then me and Monops linked up and went to the studio. I thought we was just gonna go there and they were gonna give me a reference to some songs or whatever. In the midst of being there and meeting everybody Kanye came in. And I just knew it was time to work.

“From seeing him on TV and shit, they’ll make you think he’s just a monster, arrogant motherfucker. But when I met him, he makes you feel like you guys are cool. He from Chicago so that bond, and knowing how people from Chicago is…I don’t know, we was cool. I wasn’t really, like, nervous or anything. And then the songs that he heard that I did, he was feeling the shit. Ma$e was there, I was out there writing with him. Future was there. All of these people who I’ve seen on TV, and now I’m in the studio working with these people. It gives you a whole new look on life.”

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