The cat is out of the bag and Yeezus has hit the Internet. And, whether you like the album or not, just know that its creation was a meticulous process. Chicago rapper King L, who makes one of the few guest appearances on the album, recently chopped it up with MTV and gave some insight into how his feature for the LP came together. L said he worked with Yeezy for 20 hours sets on material for Yeezus, but it was a spur of the moment freestyle that actually made the final cut on the track, “Send It Up." "When I did the joint, we were in the studio — no B.S., like 20 hours strong, a day,” he said. “We were in Paris or whatever. I had woke up, and it was just a freestyle verse off the top and that turned out to be the one he was really rocking with; just genuine bars."

The Chi-town spitter also added that Kanye added to the track immensely since he laid his verse down, making it almost unrecognizable from the track he recorded over. "The beat changed and what was part of my hook became the actual chorus, it was dope," he added. "The beat was just one instrument, two instruments and then now it's like a whole party thing. So it's way different from when I recorded it."

Check out the entire clip, below.