Joey Bada$$ Talks ‘Summer Knights’ Mixtape And His Next Steps


On the progression of Summer Knights from EP to full-length:

XXL: So Summer Knights went from mixtape, to EP, to LP?
Joey Bada$$: [Laughs] Yeah I don’t know why people are calling it an album. Not like it’s gonna be released in stores or anything. It’s like, live from my Twitter. That’s the only place you can get it.  I like to keep a lot of things just in camp, straight from me, directly from me to the people. I like people to feel like it’s straight from me.

Was it because you were making so much music?
Yeah, yeah I was making so much music, and I feel like the reason why I even decided to come out with this project is because like I feel like I wanna give people my album, but I wanna give people more of me first. I don’t wanna just go straight to my album. It’s more respect that I need to gain, you know, love I need to earn, there’re more fans I need to gain. It’s like, before I make that decision, especially being an independent artist, I don’t wanna just put out my album and [sell] 5,000 in the first week. I’m tryna go big independently so. . . [short pause] that’s why I feel like I needed more.

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