Jay-Z’s 5 Biggest Corporate Collaborations

Hewlett-Packard – “Hands” Campaign 

Year: 2006

Jay and publicly-traded tech company Hewlett-Packard’s collaboration started with a quirky and futuristic 60-second commercial that featured a portion of Jay’s torso on-screen, as he waves his hands through the different facets of his day-to-day responsibilities, showing off the multitude of things he can do on an HP laptop. It was a brilliant commercial not only for the visual gag, but also because it helped a relatively-flailing HP straddle the sacred ground between interesting and useful. With some help from Jay’s voice (and his underlying cosign), HP quickly became a brand that people cared about again. The brand continued the ‘Hands’ campaign with commercials featuring Olympian Shaun White and billionaire Mark Cuban, both of whom added their own flair to the series. Still, Jay’s initial ‘Hands’ commercial is what got people talking, and essentially marks the moment that HP became relevant again.

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  • Invaderrjl

    he is the definition of selling out.

  • http://bit.ly/10mGDTH Michael

    Good stuff, glad XXL posted this.