In the buildup to the release of Kanye West's sixth solo album Yeezus, we asked a handful of rappers and producers what their favorite tracks were in the Kanye discography. It's not an easy question, and can sometimes lead to deeper thoughts on which iteration of the Yeezy lexicon is more preferable than the others—the earnest, soul-sample-heavy early years of College Dropout and Late Registration, the dip into synth-pop during the Graduation era, the auto-tuned, emotion-wracked 808s and Heartbreaks, or the lushly-produced, massive sound of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

So whether it's Jay Electronica telling us about the inspiration behind one of the strongest tracks on MBDTF or Mike Dean clue-ing us in on a bit of the background behind one of Kanye's newest releases, we've got their answers. Of course, many people might wind up giving an answer similar to the one given to us by Trinidad James regarding his favorite track—"[I] don't have one. He makes great bodies of music."—Dan Rys (@danrys)