Kanye West is gearing up to release his sixth studio album on June 18. He has taken a different route with no single or video on the Internet. But it seems he caused quite a bit of stir this week, reportedly shooting a new video casting Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban in lead roles.

Fans are expected to see Kanye emulate the classic thriller, American Psycho, for his artistic endeavor. In the latest development, sources tell the New York Post that the reality TV star wasn’t his first choice. A treatment was made to have James Franco in mind, but we’re assuming it didn’t pan out.

Sources also say that the video, which was shot in Brooklyn, will reinterpret Christian Bale’s famous “Huey Lewis & The News” monologue that has him asking his colleague if he likes the rock group. Instead of references to Huey Lewis, it would substituted with West and Yeezus.

Lastly, sources tell Page Six that a sponsor was brought on to create a $100,000 budget and the video will be apart of West’s marketing campaign for the album.

[via NYPost]