J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ Tracklist


J. Cole’s June 18 release date for Born Sinner is just right around the corner. Earlier today, a possible tracklist for the album was posted on HipHop-N-More, but he addressed those rumors on Twitter. “Tracklist is real. Deluxe album includes Truly Yours 3.”

There you have it rap fans. Peep the tracklist J.Cole tweeted below.

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  • Trey Arline

    I thought the Nas related song wasn’t going to be there, nor any other rap features. Guess he kinda needs it after putting everyone else to sleep with Power Trip and basically remaking TLC’s Unpretty with Crooked Smile. Kinda disappointed with both.

    Besides, why would he put Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent, but NOT his mentor Jay-Z? Kinda odd to me.

    • disqus_52Op4Tismf

      Kendrick Lamar is not actually rapping on that song. Listen to the interview with Elliott Wilson. They mention a rapper ‘talking’ on a song. I’m assuming it is that one. Also, look closely at the album column. He is releasing Truly Yours 3. That is what 50 Cent is on.

      • Vince Smith

        Thanks Disqus_520p4Tismf.

        At least some of us pay attention.

      • Kb

        Kendrick just sings the hook

  • Yessir

    This can’t be the official tracklist. I’ll wait to hear it from Cole.

  • Boss

    i guess we are not gonna see that temptation track any time soon huh….smh!!

  • Ronald Jack

    I like that he didn’t flood this album with features

    • kingtee

      Yeah I fully agree, especially sinces it becoming so common to do so.

      No to many solo based artists left.

      I listened to his album on this random ass site lol


  • king tee

    I heard his album on this site


    Its amazing, straight fire and lyrical!!!! check it out

    Still go buy that album!

  • Amyyyyy

    J. Cole > > > > > HANDS DOWN !