It Wasn’t Me! Rappers Impersonating Non-Rappers


Game Pretends To Be A Police Officer 

Though Game has kept a relatively low profile with the law since getting in the… game, he couldn’t resist a little identity makeover. While in New York in mid-November of 2006, the Compton rapper was standing on an uptown corner when he flagged down a taxi. When he got in, he quickly exclaimed to the driver that he was an undercover cop, and forced the driver to race through traffic lights on their way downtown. Fittingly, when the taxi got pulled over just a few blocks later, the driver told the real police officers what was going on, and after a quick check it became clear that Game wasn’t a cop, but rather just a rapper in a hurry. He was arrested on the scene. Now, Game’s talked a lot about snitching and associating with cops, but we guess it’s better to pretend to be a cop than to be with one. Right?

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  • HarmonyOaksGumbo

    2006…..damn !! now that what I call trying to fake it til u make it

  • jaysonmanman

    Haha! Game pretends to be relevant.