It Wasn’t Me! Rappers Impersonating Non-Rappers


DMX Pretends To Be An FBI Agent

DMX has suffered through pretty depressing number of legal issues in the past decade or so, but this has to be the weirdest one. In June of 2004, DMX unexpectedly drove his SUV (which was reportedly equipped with lights and sirens) through a parking lot gate in JFK. When he was stopped by an attendant, DMX apparently said he was an FBI agent, and went on to try to force a bystander out of his vehicle, after again identifying himself as an agent. When he was arrested on the scene minutes later, police found crack rocks and a billy club in X’s car, but somehow didn’t buy his FBI story. They must not’ve gotten the memo that all FBI agents carry around crack rocks in their cars. You know… for research.

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  • HarmonyOaksGumbo

    2006…..damn !! now that what I call trying to fake it til u make it

  • jaysonmanman

    Haha! Game pretends to be relevant.