Iggy Azalea is growing into one of hip-hop’s biggest female MCs. The 23-year-old Australian native hasn’t dropped an album yet, but that isn't stopping her from aligning herself with stars like T.I. and Rihanna. Though we have her latest single “Work” to judge the album’s sound, it’s certainly grabbing our attention.

During her interview with MTV Hive at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC before her show, Iggy shared details on her forthcoming album, including a release date and why she would like to collaborate with Missy Elliott one day.

I spoke to you a year ago and your debut The New Classic is still not out. Does your album have a release date? I hear summer 2013?

When’s summer? Is summer September?

Maybe in Australia? I don’t know. Summer here is June through August.

Early September. It’s done. Do I have all the songs done? Yes. Do I have songs that I think should have features on them and stuff? Yeah. That part of it is not done. There’s certain parts of it that need to be cleared, samples and stuff. Have I rapped on every song and every song has a name? Yes. I’m not going to go in and record anymore.

I hear your bff Rita Ora is going to be on the album as well as Ellie Goulding.

Rita’s not on it right now, but she might be. See? I hear everyone’s going to be on it. I heard Rihanna’s on it. They’re not yet. There’s one person who’s going to be on the remix to “Work,” but it’s gonna come out next week. I’d love to collaborate with Missy Elliott at one point. I idolized her. I think she did a great job on J. Cole’s “Nobody’s Perfect” but I’d like to hear her rap as well. I would like to see her rap a verse.

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