Harry Fraud Gives A Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Action Bronson’s ‘Saaab Stories’ EP


“No Time”

That was probably one of the songs that I’ve worked the hardest on. It started as just drums and a bass line. I wrote it with my friend Matt who’s this like crazy Yogi, hippie dude that I do beats with a lot. We had the drums and he was just playing some other bass line and I was like, “Yo, just catch that one part and get super funky with it and vary it up through the whole beat.” If you listen to that beat, there’s big chunks of him just playing live, and a lot of people don’t even do that shit when they have live people come in. They just take the 4 bar loop. Then I brought in my keyboard player Judd, who’s like a fucking virtuoso on the electric keys and the organs and shit. And once we had it all put together, I called in the trombone player. What we did was we had him stand outside the booth and literally mic’d it with the shittiest mic we could find and shot the trombone into the booth. It came out super thin and distant. That’s what we wanted, for it to sound grimy.

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