Harry Fraud Gives A Track-By-Track Breakdown Of Action Bronson’s ‘Saaab Stories’ EP


“72 Virgins” feat. Big Body Bes

It’s “72 Virgins.” I don’t know what’s going on with that “2 Virgins” but they’re fixing it. I definitely hemorrhaged on that. Because that makes it sound like Body and Action or me and Action are virgins [Laughs]. Seventy-two virgins is like the reward for the martyr, you know. That was actually the last song that we recorded for the project. What ended up happening was that we had another record that was the intro and the sample got denied. Like, the artist would not clear the sample for us. So [Bronson] was already down in Florida, and we already had the album done, we just needed that first piece. Because, you know, we had 40 songs at least, so we were really trying to piece something together. We thought all the songs were incredible, so we just wanted it to be like a variation, you know what I’m saying, and just not monotonous, and move through like a little feeling.

So that beat was done with me, and I wrote it with my guys Red Walrus and Rusty. There’s no samples on there, that’s all live instrumentation. And we had [written] the piece of music, and then I played the piece of music for Bam Bam not looped or anything like that. And he couldn’t believe—he was like, “that’s not a sample?” Like, “stop lying!” He couldn’t believe it. And so what I did was I took it and just chopped it a little bit on the spot, and he wrote the rap right there. We laid it right there. And Body is always with us, Body is family you know? He was right there to come through and do what he does.

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