It’s been almost two years since Action Bronson and Harry Fraud first began working together and this Tuesday, they released their first collaborative body of work. “I don’t know how the actual title happened, but I just know that we were kind of talking about how I grew up and my mother drove a Saab," said Fraud. "This is probably like an ’87 900-S old school joint. And [Action Bronson]’s father had a Saab. Somehow that title came up and then we just ran with it." The result is a brief yet engrossing EP, which sees the two New York natives bringing out the best in one another. With Bronsolino currently performing a string of dates overseas, we caught up with Fraud to get the scoop on how “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” came together as well as how Prodigy and Raekwon came to be on the NYC powerhouse cut “Seven Series Triplets.” Saaab Stories’ stories, if you will. Enjoy.