Gunplay Reveals His Five Favorite Street Albums


UGK, Ridin’ Dirty

“And then the UGK, shout out my nigga Nick. When I was growing up he was from Houston and I met him. He was a real close friend of mine. We hung out every day, and he came from Houston so that’s what he brought with him. He brought UGK, he brought Zero, he brought all that third coast music. So that’s what really put me on to Pimp C and Bun B, and I was hooked ever since for their lyrical ability. And me being at the time ’92, ’93, ’94, I was still really on New York, East Coast hip-hop. I was listening to, you know, a few down south niggas but key motherfuckers you know what I’m saying. But once I got to hear what Pimp was saying and I was—the older I got, I was going through, seeing the shit he was talking about and seeing the shit Nas was talking about, seeing what was Jay-Z—I still to this day see what Jay-Z talking about when listening to Reasonable Doubt, I be like, ‘Oh shit! That’s, damn,’ you know what I’m saying. But that’s like my Bibles right now. Them shits raised me, basically.

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