Freddie Gibbs Calls Young Jeezy A “Fraud” And Wants A Response From Him

Freddie Gibbs is no longer silencing his frustrations towards Young Jeezy. The Gary, Indiana native first voiced his concerns with Jeezy in our interview published a few days ago. Now, in a sitdown with MTV News, Gibbs is ready to speak more on the situation.

The video interview shows Gibbs explaining how Jeezy never supported his career in the way that they discussed. “I started seein’ the fake and the empty promises and all of that stuff and I just didn’t wanna be around that no more,” he said.

Gangsta Gibbs also confirmed he was receiving death threats on Twitter, but he is brushing those off like they’re nothing. “Yeah, death threats,” he said. “Hey man, I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rapper’s a fraud. It ain’t my fault.”

Watch the rest of the interview above that reveals Gibbs’ plan on getting a response from Jeezy. Can’t these two just get along?

[via MTV News]

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  • Sean G 313

    Dont Get The Snowman Started You Know What It Is ”Stay Straped”

  • bigga

    jeezy aint tryna put out artists, how is a artist that in my opinion hasnt fully established himself, (my definition of a established artist, to be atleast able to go a mill in a week) posed to help another man, when he tryna go up? rappers, keep other artists around them and “on their label” to only boost there ownself up. alot of artists have done that to up and comers. Doughboyz Cashout arent going to be put out, bloodraw dint drop, all the other cte members havnt dropped albums and they know jeezy aint gon put em out, cus fact wise, all his other artists are trash anyway. So how would it be surprising for Gibbs to not have a album put out, is the question i would want to ask him.

    • Cali86

      damn bruh i was with you til you said a mill in one week, ain’t nobody putting up them number now days. but yea i agree, i always find rappers signing rappers funny, if it works out it’s all good but a lot of times artists aren’t going to focus on propelling another artist when they have to worry about they own careers in the same field

    • VitoMaserati

      lol aint nobody puttin up numbers like that anymore!

    • Trav

      that’s dumb as fuck. lol. the only rappers to ever go a millie in a week are Lil Wayne and Em. SO there aren’t any other established artists…??? lmfao. Jeezy has 3 platinum albums and a gold album…but he’s not fully established.

    • vanity

      Doughboyz cashout will make an album, because that just what they do without Jezzy. He should only help them go global, not completely establish an artist/group. Stop hating, hater!

    • vanity

      Doughboyz cashout will make an album, because that just what they do without Jezzy. He should only help them go global, not completely establish an artist/group. Stop hating, hater!

  • soulreaver

    That shit didn’t work on Gucciman

  • Iluvmesome Mis Quan

    the nigga mad jeezy aint fuckin with his dick ridin ass…he sound like a bitch

    • zilla

      That English?

  • Greg O

    I like freddie gibbs dude has had some bangers but to me cte was not the right move for him especially with his work ethic and presence. Gibbs really had no personality to market and no buzz on any media level he was just a real gangsta that could rap. As far as a label as of right now the only label really pushing their artist is MMG. Those guys are constantly putting out albums, mixtapes , videos and doing shows. You can hate Ross’s character but not his drive for his artist. Even lesser know people on MMG still get to be on albums and videos and do shows of the strength of being in MMG. Thats why i never understood why Pill left he was on magazine covers, the complation album and had a single with pacman and he did nothing with the push then he did all that Bitching now his career is non existent. Jeezy is a great artist just not a great label boss.

    • raytarded

      Pills DIDN’T leave MMG. Ross DROPPED him from MMG. I guess he wasn’t feeling him or some shit. Gibbs will NEVER be on MMG cuz he keeps throwing jabbs at Ross. But yea you’re right, the best label for him would be MMG!

  • Spanish NIgga bitch

    Hes rite some ppl too sensitive to recgonize a fake nigga. the industries full of them so what makes jeezy so different?exactlly…

  • LOCN

    If anyones a fraud its freddie for talking shit behind a nigga bac likea straight pussy if he was such a fraud then why do it when you aint around him lol he just using this shit to try to boost his career if you dont see that then you straight dumb. #REAL NIGGAS DO REAL THINGS

  • Cool Jets

    I see now or days niggaz b dissing jeezy azz.. Bad feeling if i was jeezy he got to many enemies in this industries gucci mane bloods jody breeze etc and many many more

  • Cool Jets

    like alley boy said “Yeah your favorite rapper’s a damn lie”

  • Fuck Gibbs

    Sorry, this video isn’t available in your location? What kind of shit is this?

  • Stevis

    lmao he has a huf shirt on. bet he has no clue who keith hufnagel is

    • stevis

      is that a diamond hat too? lmao! truth

  • Big C

    So because he didnt support freddie gibbs carrer the way he would like that makes him a fraud? What else is there besides that? ?You gotta come to the table with more than that to call someone a fraud…Just beacuse jeezy didnt treat him the way he felt he should be treated dosent mean his entire life or lifestyle wasnt real… that hes fake..that just means you didnt get along with him….

    • Don

      Your Right But dosent it seem odd that alot of people has said this about Jeezy, from Jody Breeze to Blu Davinci, a lot of people say the same thing. Im Not picking sides but almost everybody that mess with Jeezy either say he is fake or NEVER make it as a artist. As a matter of fact who is on CTE anyway?….. like forreal

  • Johnathon Sasser

    they all fake you have to be fake to succeed in the entertainment industry they actors man and rappers become actors real quick people should stop looking up to celebrities they all a bunch of fake snobs . boycott TV (the brainwash box) and only listen to music that does not have words !!

  • keylon jackson

    jeezy cant sign or run a label how many artists left his label more than 1, if gibbs was on mmg he would have drop 2 albums with no problem and even go on tour but hey dude was young and stupid you went at ross for cheezy guess what jeezy still drivimg a his ferrari and you taking the bus or drivin a acura

  • The Truth Is

    Everyone of the artists that come out dissing Jeezy just dont put out hits at the same rate, simple as that. Blood Raw weak, Alley Boy weak, Gucci still hot but lets be real he not putting up Jeezy’s numbers album wise. Freddie Gibbs had like 2 songs that were straight, “Do it for you” & “Neighborhood Hoez” ft. 2 Chainz, thats it. ALL these guys are ENTERTAINERS/ACTORS NOT THUGS. Just bob your head and take what they say with a grain of salt because lyrics don’t necessarily equate to fact people. Pick up a J. Cole CD for christ’s sake and listen to some real lyrics, not heresy based on “street cred”. Gibbs is probably right about Jeezy being phony but so what, the man makes hits and thats all I care about, ENTERTAIN ME.

  • MuslimAmerican

    “Ya know, Ya know, Ya know, Ya know”. Are there no rappers/artists left that are capable of structuring a single coherent sentence? Idiots.