First Week Sales Numbers For Kanye West, Mac Miller And J. Cole Are In


The first week sales numbers for Kanye West’s Yeezus, J. Cole’s Born Sinner and Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off are finalized, according to Hits Daily Double.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.01.18 PM

Despite no video or radio single, West’s Yeezus was able to sell over 320,000 copies. On the other hand, Cole’s album wasn’t too far behind with 297,000 copies. Mac Miller’s album, which was distributed under Rostrum Records, sold over 100,000 copies.

Check back tomorrow for the official numbers by Billboard.

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  • Cocaine Howie

    “Despite no video or radio single, West’s Yeezus was able to sell over 320,000 copies” It’s called hype.

    • jason

      If he had a video he probably would have sold more copies.

    • KristaGene

      no, it’s called ‘greatness’. Remember Kanye’s the king of going head to head with album sales. His music is different and it’s not for everybody. Just for people that appreciate the different types of art.

      • Josh BadNewz Martinez

        the king of going head to head?? LOL… cuz what? he beat fifty when no one cared bout fifty cent anymore… and now cuz he beat J. Cole?… I love cole but his name don’t carry the weight kanyes does… lets see kanye go head to head wit another heavyweight

        • lol

          I’m pretty sure people cared ALOT about 50 Cent in 2005… and I’m confident Kanye can go head to head sales wise with ANYBODY in the game besides HOV if he is focused on selling… Kanye stated he couldn’t care less about sales for this album, and he still outsold Cole’s marketed Born Sinner.

          • pope jeebus

            Ye’ had marketing… His life is marketing. The Yeezy 2′s are marketing, “North West” is marketing. Paparazzi and TMZ is marketing… That bullshit Guerrilla campaign on buildings in randoms cities across the world IS MARKETING, plus this dude had been touring previewing tracks from Yeezy for weeks, which is how you promote an album ideally. “Born Sinner” may be an instant hit and “Let Nas Down” “She Knows” and “Forbidden Fruit” could be classics but really its just a rap album Ye’s album is not a rap album, its going to change music. PERIOD

          • Simba

            Yea ,it made it worse…

          • easykabreezy

            50Cent was a huge name In 2005 50Cent but he was not the most liked individual as a result of all the “beefs” and things going on around him. The stage was set perfectly for Kanye to win that battle….. As of now JCole’s name carries little to NO WEIGHT when compared to Kanye. So everybody, including myself, (a huge fan of Cole) knew Kanye would win….. But put Kanye against heavyweights of his caliber like: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z or even Drake and I bet he doesn’t come out on top.

        • KristaGene

          I know that Cole and Kanye are two different people but you have to realize that both of them are playing for the same team (Roc Nation). People don’t like Kanye because he’s an egotistical asshole. That’s why people say he’s trash but they don’t even listen to the music. Many of these entertainers are egotistical but nobody says a word about them, do they?

          • Dwight Jordan

            Roc Nation? Same team? Roc Nation and ROC-A-FELLA(now defunct) are two completely different labels, operated under two different parent companies, and only one as a current affliation Jay-Z, though he founded both of them. Now if you were to say both Cole and Kanye, were close to Roc Nation’s founder, then that would be more accurate. Don’t betray yourself by showcasing your knowledge, or lack there of, and posting ignorant statements like, “Cole and Kanye…are playing for the same team”. Or, claiming Kanye’s supposed “greatness”, rather than hype, as the reason for his album sales. In all honesty, EVERYTHING Kanye touches is hyped, so why wouldn’t his album be?

          • KristaGene

            Wow, so how do you know that’s not what I meant? I didn’t know Roc Nation and Roc A Fella were any different considering that they both throw up the same hand signs and under Jay-Z. Like I said, to each his own but Yeezus isn’t for everybody. I thought it was great and that doesn’t mean that you should state my OPINION as ‘ignorant’.

          • Bystander

            Art is in the eye of the beholder.
            Some people say kanye’s album was trash other people say it’s amazing.

            and j.cole said it best… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

            so you guys are both right but the numbers don’t lie

          • cody

            kanye is not signed under rocafella anymore, he and his label are under def jam. which along with roc nation are both ultimately distributed under universal music group. in the end they are both owned at least in part by the same company.

            But since nearly all the labels in the industry are distributed under universal, it’s useless to argue about

          • Dwight Jordan

            Techinally, Kanye is STILL signed under Roc-A-Fella. It’s listed under “label” in the chart above, and at this very moment their website names Kanye as a “signed” artist, and promotes all his projects, as well as Jay-Z’s(excluding BP3). So though signed to Roc-A-Fella, Roc-A-Fella now is just a namesake of its former self, simply used for categorical purposes, and perhaps promotion due to the nostalgic ambiance that accompanies its name. But all sales are garnered by Def Jam, and ultimately like you said, their distributed by UMG. So yeah, in a since it’s useless to argue the point. The “head honcho” of every media conglomerate gets paid no matter the circumstance, whether it be UMG, News Corp, or Clear Channel, just to name a few.

          • pope jeebus

            Its not hype dude, the man has incredible bars, that make you think. Incredible production that revolutionized hip hop culture. His cultural relevance is almost unparalleled. U can take nothing Kanye says at face value because it probably has 3 or 4 other meanings. Some of which you/we will never get. Just because ‘Ye is a contradiction of himself doesn’t mean what he is saying isnt valid. We have all had thoughts that severely contradict our actions but does that make the idea a fraudulent one? No we all have ambitions of being a better versions of ourselves, what stands in the way of that might be fear, it might be anxiety, ignorance, laziness but for ‘Ye what stands in his way is the how much of a f’n egomaniac he is.

          • Cocaine Howie

            Because they probably aren’t making shit music and calling it art.

          • Marty

            don’t wanna burst anyone’s bubble, but Coleis signed to Columbia Records and that’s Sony Music, not Universal.

            you’re both wrong. he also said he’s never worked with Kanye and only met him once or twice… objects in the mirror are NOT as close as they appear.

          • Dwight Jordan

            Can one artist not be signed to two labels? Or better signed to a label through another one,(e.g., 50 to Interscope via Shady and Aftermath, or Ace hood to Cash Money via We The Best). Alexis Jordan, Willow Smith, Rita Ora and Cole are ALL signed to Columbia, and the equivalence between them is…….their all signed to Roc Nation.

          • andy

            What are the featured guests on the kanye song “Looking For Trouble”? It was one of the several free songs released through his G.O.O.D. Fridays promotion before MBDTF. I’ll give you a hint: One of them is J. Cole. So Kanye and J.Cole have worked together.

          • pope jeebus

            Ye is signed to Def Jam NOT Roc Nation

        • noobpwner99

          Yes. let’s see the sales of MCHG compared to Yeezus.

        • Sonika Davis

          Beat cole, I would say Cole won…only 30k more, nahhh Ye shoulda blew the sales margin between him and cole, just off of name only. Cole did his thing, went toe to toe with a certified legend, and went neck to neck with him on sales, and killed him in terms of quality of music… Kanye outta be ashamed of himself

        • Ab Floyd

          kanye was always all about the music he doesnt give a fuck what critics have to say… something alotta his “fans” do not and probably will never understand

          • Ab Floyd

            hence GOOD MUSIC being called GOOD music besides what the acronym stands for..

        • Lauren Davis

          i agree. If kanye goes head to head with Jay-Z. He wont win lol

      • Rigby


      • GregSki86

        this album ain’t for anybody. Everytime I think I’m bein too hard on Ye, I just put in the album again and take a listen….that’s straightens me the f*ck out

      • Manny

        He will never outsale a guy like Eminem ,thats one dude he just wont ever beat x)

    • Josh BadNewz Martinez

      its called being kanye… he sells records off his name alone… bet half those ppl wish they ain’t buy it tho LOL…

    • Janet

      He still put up projections on buildings all over Europe, Australia and America. I’m sure that was some kind of promotion.

    • pope jeebus

      WRONG! When albums, especially rap albums, leak a month before they officially release and the general public has access to so many internet outlets that can help preview music, YOU CANT CALL THIS HYPE.

    • FamOverEverything93

      Hype because of his legendary discography, And 21 grammy wins! he DESERVES to be in that position! And this album is mos def not for hip hop heads.

  • Tycco RC

    didnt analysts say it was expected to sell a little over 500,000? if so then this is bad

    • Derrick

      No, they said just under 500,000 but analysis being wrong is not the same as “this” being bad.

      Analyst are wrong all the time.

  • Slick Joe

    yeezus is like marmalade- you either love it or hate it

    • GregSki86

      its more like little kids that eat their vegetables, they really don’t like that shit, and if they say they do, they lyin

  • infamous_mh

    Its called hype fan fare and tabloids Ye is my Nigga when you project your song on buildings across the world is genius marketing not to mention hes in the news every week good and he’s having a baby with one of reality tvs most famous women Kim Kardasian and appearances on SNL @ this point he doesn’t need to put out a video his name rings bells and for that I give Kanye much respect with that said My nigga J cole did his thing 30k from Kanye and Cole is only on his second album skies the limit for Cole maybe by the time hes 36 like Ye he might be on that level he has a good 8 years to catch up

  • Antonio Washington

    & I wish I could return Yeezus as well.

  • Jonny 2 Gnar

    So glad Mac got 3rd out of this… he’s the most over-rated MC since Canibus

    • LearnHipHop

      Yet Canibus bodies any of the three when it comes to true lyrical skill.

      • Unskilled

        Yeah, like that time he got bodied by a fan on stage on a freestyle, then pulled out his notebook and still got bodied by a fan. Canibitch is a true rap star.

    • pope jeebus

      Mac Miller is actually pretty dope, better than that other famous Pittsburgh rapper. His voice just sounds f’n stupid but the kid got bars and a pretty dope flow but a tiny ass voice. No great rapper has a voice like mac miller. Think about when u hear the voice of Biggie, Chuck D, Eminem, Jadakiss, even JA RULE (not that he is a great rapper but he fits the situation)… their voice/tone is UNMISTAKEABLE and its so powerful it makes the music even better. Mac Miller doesnt have that.

    • Ronald Jack

      Canibus is amazing.

  • JD

    Watching Movies was the best out of the 3…

  • Rigby

    Born Sinner is very mainstream friendly. Yeezus is not. Kanye sold more because he’s Kanye West. I liked Yeezus, but a majority of people didn’t. Kanye stated he didn’t care about sales for this album. If he wanted to sell and made his usual rap/soul/pop music with videos, singles, radio play and whatnot, he would have crushed Cole in sales. Nothing against Cole, because Born Sinner is an amazing album (And deserved an XL at least), but this shows how great Kanye’s musical reputation is. He managed to sell more than Cole who had radio singles, videos, tours for $1 and TLC on his album. Go buy both of em, great music. Great week for hip-hop.

    • KristaGene

      Thank you!

    • Munir Najieb

      single, he did not make Crook Smile a single until 3 days before the album. Its not like he had two plat singles. Power trip only went Gold before the album dropped.

  • Tamika Oliver

    I am not a kanye west fan I think j. Cole will beat him later on in sales

  • JJ

    J Cole’s album is wicked! Kayne Kardashian’s album is too hypocritical. I couldn’t buy into what he was preachin’.

    • Tyler C

      “kanye kardashian” LOL

  • GregSki86

    Yeezus is a garbage album, don’t care if the sh*t went triple plat first week. J Cole released a better effort but still IMO sub-par for J Cole, Mac Miller has the only album released which I liked as a whole, plus the white boy released it independent so he seein’ more dollar signs.

  • davez

    half of them was probably niggas tryna find the ticket to buy the shoes

  • YUPP

    Just for cole to be compared to kanye this early in his career shows where he is going to go. i followed cole since day one and to see him being put up against a big name on his sophomore album is awesome. it is a #coleworld

  • Tyler C

    We all knew Kanye was gonna outsell J. Cole, even Cole did. But this is an amazing accomplishment for J. Cole, he was behind by only 30k. That’s crazy & i’m happy for him. I love J. Cole & i do wish he out sold Kanye but like you all are saying, Kanye has his name & that’s what sold his album. But we can’t deny this week has helped J. Cole a lot by introducing him to a new crowd of listeners

  • StephLuva

    Kanye’s album is not even close to as consistent and soulful as Cole’s. Kanye is straight Hype COle is True Rap not this electronic garbage

  • Warren

    Ahm, good sales. But the question is how many people wanted to RETURN the album after listening,

  • xavier

    lol kanye is whack just means 328,800 are STUPID AF and wasted their money jay z was a legend in bad boys and now is a dumbass and part of killing rap and making it “HIP-HOP” i cant respect eithier and yall needa stop buying these whack ass albums so real talent comes out again

  • Mick Deesel

    Once again, congrats to my homie, Mac Miller, of Pittsburgh’s Rostrum Records . I just signed Pittsburgh artist, Lhagic, to a production deal with Tri-LEVEL Productions, LLC. Lhagic is the best rapper that I’ve heard since Tupac’s passing. Stay tuned and watch his career soar…

  • JRey007

    j-cole should be 1st!! album is dope

  • Mayor

    wale shit is decent

  • Mayor

    @mayormudollaz on #IG

  • Danny

    I live in Australia and I’m a huge fan of both Kanye and Cole and to be honest not many people over here know who J. Cole is. Kanye is a global name and even without singles to get hype HE JUST HAD A BABY WITH KIM KARDASHIAN and that alone could’ve sold 30,000 to people who aren’t Kanye or rap fans. Gotta be proud of J Cole

  • Brandon Lee

    in my opinon i think mac’s album was better than kanye’s. Ye album was different but I didn’t really like it,but mac’s album was the shit! I love it.

  • igottagetit

    even though mac sold 100k he cashed out as an independent artist.. Cole album is better than Kanye’s easily

  • Demarcus

    How isn’t J Cole, Jay Z, or Kanye in the running for album of the year? But Macklemore is? Hm….