On Thursday night (June 20), Peter Rosenberg hosted Hot 97's Who's Next showcase at New York's SOBs. Toure, Add-2 and Dunson all graced the stage first, but as the venue filled up, it was obvious most were there for Chicago native Chance The Rapper. Excited about his first headlining show in New York City, Chance rushed the stage to a chanting crowd. The 20-year-old started the show just like he started his latest effort Acid Rap, with "Good Ass Intro." He footworked across the stage, reminding the crowd of his midwest upbringing.

Although most concertgoers wanted to hear tracks from Acid Rap, Chance took them back to his first project, by performing "Brain Cells." That was followed by an electric rendition of "Pusha Man." He also charmed the crowd with his on-and-off again vocals riding the melodies of "Everybody's Something" and "Paranoia." He then performed "Hey Ma," taking us back to his pre-Acid Rap days.

After "Acid Rain," things got hype when Chance instructed a group dance lesson for a turn up no one saw coming. As soon as "Favorite Song" dropped, they all joined in on a mosh of trippy fist bumps. Leading into his final song, Chance asked the crowd to repeat the catchy chorus of "Juice." Joined by Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, the pair left the crowd wanting more.

The last two songs were a testament to Chance's hype, he can light up a room with his animated movements, unique voice and calculated spazz moments. He mentioned halfway through that he knew New York was a tough crowd, but based on his shirtless soulful rendition of French Montana's "Ain't Worried About Nothin" before leaving the stage, Chance felt like he mastered it.

Welcome to New York.—Kamaria Gboro