Big K.R.I.T. recently performed at El Corazon in Seattle for the final stop on his King Remembered In Time tour. After the show, the 2011 XXL Freshmen chopped it up with Sermon’s Domain for an interview that revealed the progress behind his sophomore album, a possible joint project with Wiz Khalifa, and the status of "I Got This (Remix)."

On the direction of Krizzle's next project, he says he is reaching out to other producers to help create a more universal sound.

“For me, it would be fun to be a rapper one day or be a producer...instead of having to do both," he said. "Even when I had the opportunity to sit down with 9th Wonder and we made “Life Is A Gamble,” all I got to do is write and he’s gonna work the boards. It gave me a certain type of freedom creatively as a writer that I am not used to. I definitely want to take that route on my next album.”

K.R.I.T. also updated on the progress so far. While he didn’t give a definite answer, he spoke about continuing to think of new concepts and ideas daily.

“I am working on it,” he said. “As far as being in the studio and the lab, I am going to take my time with it.”

The rest of the interview touches on a possibly of working with Wiz, where the Mississippi native states he prefers vibing out with someone in the studio. At the end, he explains why the remix of “I Got This” never came into fruition.

“It would have been great to come behind the fact that LeBron said that it was the championship anthem," he recalled. "After a certain point, you got to focus on the next record and the next album. I decided to focus on another project to put out.”

He adds, “I would to get LeBron to do the intro of it. I would have easily threw J. Cole on it and probably Yelawolf just off the flow perspective.”