Five years in the making, Asher Roth's Greenhouse Effect Volume 2 is finally here! After dropping some teaser singles from the project and penning an open letter about his career trajectory leading up to the release GEV2, XXL is happy congratulate Asher on the new tape.

When we caught up with him last week in NYC, he told us a bit about revisiting a collaboration with DJs Don Cannon and Drama and going back to his roots, five years later. He said, "Greenhouse Effect Volume 2 is a celebration of getting back to doing your thing. That's it. The overall theme is just fun. Because really, the first one is just who I am. There's lines on that shit that no one could take away from me. It was just so fun and so pure; there was nothing involved. We were down in a basement, recording with Mickey Mouse sheets up, you know?"

Reminiscing on how a major label budget and warped expectations changed his recording process, he explained, "When the big studios get involved, you start over-thinking and trying to analyze and you have other people in your ear who are like 'certified hit makers.' But that doesn't mean you're gonna make a hit, you know? It just becomes… complicated, for no reason, purely because of money. That's how people judge success. But my definition of success is being around people I love, getting to travel and making music that I'm proud of."

Seeing it all more clearly now, he admitted, "It's about not having six people to answer to. I'm done asking for permission. Having six managers, and always rolling in nine deep. I want to just be able to do whatever I'm doing. And that might be selfish, but this is my life."

Download the DJ Cannon and DJ Drama-hosted Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 mixtape here and stream it below.