Album Stream: J. Cole ‘Born Sinner’


J. Cole’s upcoming LP, Born Sinner, leaked onto the Internet yesterday. But, instead of going into crisis mode, the Roc Nation rapper went ahead and made the project available for full stream. “Thank you for the love. Rather than acting like the leak didn’t happen, here’s the official album stream for those who haven’t heard it,” Cole tweeted.

So, here it is folks. And make sure to purchase the album on June 18.

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  • charles franklin

    Great album wil get it June 18 !!!

  • James Cali Greene

    5 MICs

  • Slick Joe

    Very good. I just hope the leak doesn’t affect sales. I will still be getting it on June 18th

  • bill blaze

    I thought fans were just hyping, but damn this is the best album since J’s Bluepeint

  • Mo Scheno

    So real. Luv no Feature raps. Back to what makes an album, The Artist

  • DeweyRocket

    got respect for the play by j cole. album is dope too. still gonna buy it june 18th though

  • Mustafa Elbaf

    I honestly expected more from this album :( disappointed

    • Mahsoom

      what more, that Jesus himelf was on the fucking hook of power trip, get the fuck outta here

      • Mustafa Elbaf

        Firstly power trip is a great track in the top three on the album in terms of overall production. Secondly you obviously have no clue about his capabilities cause if you did then you would’ve known this is far from his best work. I’ve been fucking with Cole since day one. Thirdly the overall feel of the album was dull. He was giving away tracks (truly yours) like his album was gonna be a classic. IMO the material on the album wasn’t as good as his mixtapes. Listen to his old shit it is gold. So jump off his dick you clueless idiot, admit this album is average and that he didn’t deliver on this project. I’m a MASSIVE fan love Cole my favorite rapper ATM but you’ve gotta be honest. I’m really disappointed!!!!

        • realrecognizereal

          lol people like you make me laugh. If you are a REAL cole fan like you claim you would realize everything this album engulfs about the man’s life. He’s giving you everything, exactly how he feels, everything hes been through just to make it to the top. Mixtape days were glorious and we’ll never forget them, but the man was in a different place at the time. He’s not the same dude. He’s seen shit and been through shit he could never even fathom. The whole body of work that is Born Sinner is classic and unlike what any other rapper is doing right now. He’s changing the game slowly but surely and when you look back 20 years from now Born Sinner is going to be at the focal point of that discussion. The production is insane, his lyricism goes so hard and is incredibly intelligent maybe you just dont understand it and his flow, come on. He’s switches his flow like crazy throughout the enire album. Take another listen and realize the growth this man has endured and the beautiful music he’s made because of it.

          • Adriana Garcia

            idk I feel he never stood on topic and lost me a few times and then bounced back….staying true to the meaning of the song wouldv made it more enjoyable…he is usually good at this but didn’t show in this album

          • Adriana Garcia

            let me correct myself some of his songs not the whole album

    • ThisGuy^

      you dumb

  • iv54

    its good but his mixtapes were still better. this has a few jams on it but his mixtapes went harder.

  • F.Money

    Great album. About to give it a second listening. All the people that don’t like it, go back to listening to Wayne and other top 40 radio ya bitch

  • jaysonmanman

    Not quite another FNL, but im thinking this is some of his best work. Impressed n inspired….

  • mario

    crooked smile we can style on em

  • Real hip hop

    Still buying It!!! only albums I buy J. cole and Lupe.

  • nicki_garbaj

    It doesn’t 5uck at all but I LOOOOOOOOVE the first album, this one is more laid back


    its a decent album he should have put the whole album like the track , ”let nas down” those are the songs were u sit back listen to it. someone of these songs i dont like. i kinda feel disappointed

  • Chrisn


  • DjHop21

    Shit is great… def. coppin…kanye better take his trash off the shelf #ColeWorld

  • eLTee

    This is very very impressive from Jermaine. Very impressive…Oh, I said that already.

  • Jay DeLuca

    album of the year so far 4 me…2nd to 12 reasonds 2 die…it leaked i banged it 4 a week staright bangin it right now as i right this..”I could WRITE a book all the things HOES SAY”& im lookin 4 a new TOPANGA! & of course J.cole ima go get that delux edition 2morrow g thanks 4 a bomb ass album straight bangin this on the westcoast!!!!!!#Greatness starts @ 4:45am