Just a few days before the release of his sixth studio LP Yeezus, Kanye West and his longtime girlfriend Kim Kardashian brought their first baby into the world on June 15th, five weeks ahead of her scheduled birth date. Still, it's pretty great timing for West, who has kept a relatively low profile as of late, and who will likely fall back from the public eye to take care of his daughter. Before he does that, though, he and Kim will likely announce the name of the baby. Rumors have been swirling that the baby girl's name will start with a "K," to go along with Kim and Ye's first names. While we wait for the news, XXL compiled some potential baby names for the couple's newborn.

Click through to check out the names, broken down into four categories: Geography-Inspired Names (depending on where the couple conceived the baby); Normal Names (in case the duo wants to keep the baby's name low-key); Weird Celebrity Names (since all celebs love to name their babies weird things like Apple or Tonka); and Shout-Out-The-Icons Names (Kanye loves shouting out the elders, so he may want to name his baby after a fellow icon).