25 Rappers Striking Cliché Rapper Poses

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  • wayne-prayer
    <b>Gun Hands:</b> Lil Wayne
  • french-prayer
    <b>Gun Hands:</b> French Montana
  • BG-prayer
    <b>Gun Hands:</b> B.G.
  • joe-prayer
    <b>Gun Hands:</b> Fat Joe
  • waka-prayer
    <b>Gun Hands:</b> Waka Flocka Flame
  • ross-prayer2
    <b>Jesus Pose:</b> Rick Ross
  • kanye-prayer2
    <b>Jesus Pose:</b> Kanye West
  • game-prayer
    <b>Jesus Pose:</b> Game
  • khaled-prayer
    <b>Jesus Pose:</b> DJ Khaled
  • nas-prayer
    <b>Jesus Pose:</b> Nas
  • drake-prayer
    In honor of the release of Drake's third studio album, <em>Nothing Was The Same</em>, which drops today, <em>XXL</em> thought it appropriate to put together a gallery of the inspiration behind the project, Drizzy's ladies. With many mentions of past relationship on the LP, it's only right to show off the lovely women behind the rhymes. Check it out.
  • 50-prayer
    <b>The Crouch:</b> 50 Cent
  • jay-prayer
    <b>The Crouch:</b> Jay-Z
  • ja-prayer
    <b>The Crouch:</b> Ja Rule
  • kendrick-prayer
    <b>The Crouch:</b> Kendrick Lamar
  • ll-prayer
    <b>Boxer's Stance:</b> LL Cool J
  • rza-prayer
    <b>Boxer's Stance:</b> RZA
  • mgk-prayer
    MGK - "Wild Boy"
    "I'm in Mexico getting marijuana from Miguel / Bring it back to the states, put it on a scale / Measure it at half a eight, put 'em in the shell / Split it then I roll it then light it up like it's Independence Day / I got a bottle rocket, I put it in the air."
  • pharoahe-prayer
    Pharoahe Monch Born 10/31/1967
  • dizzee-prayer
    <b>Boxer's Stance:</b> Dizzee Rascal
  • dmx-prayer
  • jeezy-prayer
  • rocky-prayer
    <b>Prayer Hands:</b> A$AP Rocky
  • nicki-prayer
    <b>Prayer Hands:</b> Nicki Minaj
  • tupac-prayer
    <b>Prayer Hands:</b> 2Pac

There have been a lot cliché trends in rap—New Jack Swing, the Shiny suit, “Molly” rap—and fortunately, most have died off as quickly as they became popular. But one thing that’s remained constant throughout hip-hop history is most rappers’ inability to strike a normal pose on camera. Whether it’s a music video, an album cover or even a magazine spread, nearly every rapper relies on a handful of overused poses.

Now, XXL decided to take a lot at 25 artists doing five of the most overused poses in hip-hop—the Gun Hands, the Jesus Pose, the Crouch, the Boxer’s Stance and the Prayer Hands.

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  • LuiKang

    Drake look suspect af in that pic, son… lol

    • melinda

      that nigga loves balls period drake is a lover of dick what woman wants that no seriously those bitches need to see a shrink