Jay-Z and Lebron James

Congratulations to King James and the Miami Heat on their 2nd straight NBA title. In one of the most exciting NBA Finals in recent memory Lebron led his team to a Game 7 victory, also earning his second straight NBA Finals MVP award. Lebron has a longstanding relationship with the Hip-Hop community and in a Nike commercial that aired after the game, Dr. Dre and Drake are among the celebrities heard congratulating Bron on his title. We took a look back at some of our favorite rap lyrics mentioning King James and compiled 25 of the best for you here.

Jay-Z “Clique”

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

“Your money too short, you can’t be talking to me/ Yeah, I’m talking LeBron, we ball in our family tree”

Meek Mill “Levels”


“If it’s the finals I’m balling like I’m LeBron now/ I call up Odyssey, tell them bitches to calm down”

Kanye West “Gotta Have It”

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

“Ain’t that where the Heat play? Niggas hate ballers these days/ Ain’t that like Lebron James? Ain’t that just like D. Wade?"

Tyler the Creator “Martians Vs. Goblins”


“Dragging all you fags to the back of the log cabin/ Fall back like Lebron’s hairline against the Mavericks”

Young Jeezy “24, 23”

Washington Wizards v/s Miami Heat December 18, 2010

“Yeah I’m tryna fuck, baby don’t be alarmed/ See I used to pay Kobe, but now I pay Lebron”

Clipse “Popular Demand”

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

“Used to have this white bitch, she looked like Madonna though/ Heard that she fucking LeBron but shit, I don’t know/ Like that Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago”

French Montana “Devil Wants My Soul”


“High School to the Pros, ballin’ like Lebron/ Hood got young niggas stressin’, going bald”

Wale “Ambition”


“But I’m limitless, I’m lyrically ZMT/ Lebron shit, I was in that 6 after 23”

Kanye West “New God Flow”


“From the most hated to the champion God flow/ I guess that’s a feeling only me and Lebron know”

Jay-Z “Empire State Of Mind”


“Me I gotta plug Special Ed “I Got It Made”/ If Jeezy’s paying LeBron, I’m paying Dwyane Wade”

J. Cole “Return Of Simba”


“Being good is good, that’ll get you Drew Gooden/ But me, I want Jordan numbers, LeBron footin’"

Fabolous “Oh My”

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

“I got one in Miami, she mean with her mouth piece/ She like LeBron, I’m taking my talents down to South Beach”

Wale “Miami Knights”


“Tell them other niggas “man up”/ Tell LeBron to drop 50 unless he playin’ us”

Young Buck “Gangsta Shit”


“I keep a holster on my shoulder like I’m John Wayne/ Shootin’ these niggas lights out like Lebron James”

OJ Da Juiceman “Make The Trap Say Aye”


“Banana donk Chevy, interior like the Lakers/ LeBron James wrist when I’m fucking with that caper”

Game “Bulletproof Diaries”


“Got a million dollars says LeBron don’t win a ring/ I know Kobe, I be on the floor, Kobe!/ You know a nigga that can score 81? Show me!”

Gunplay “Miss Me”


“Color cut clarity gon’ kill them while they on it/ King James on my dashboard, they brought Lebron in.”

Gucci Mane “James Worthy”


“Yeah the Kobes (24’s) on the Jeep and LeBrons on the Rolls”

Meek Mill “Believe It”


“All we know is get paid nigga/ I ball hard like LeBron James and Rozay D-Wade nigga”

Big Sean “Too Fake”


“It breaks my heart when all the kids be yelling ‘You the maybe, Big’/ He ain’t no hometown hero, he on that LeBron James shit”

Game “Basic Bitch”


“2012 Range, now look how times change/ You bitches’ll never get a ring, LeBron James”

Vado “Body Bag (Remix)"


“Rap Lebron James, 23 a whole game/ That’s what we call cane, black rocks, all dames”

Kanye West “Getting’ It In”


“Niggas tryin’ to figure out since Kan came/ Who the rookie of the year, me or LeBron James?”

Rick Ross “Choosin’”


“I’m talking the facts of life, can I just have a slice?/ Best seats at the game, ‘Bron having a night”

French Montana “N.B.A. (Never Broke Again)


“Lebron James on that break/ Real estate with that lake/ Shootin from half court you by a long shot/ Montana, that nigga from the Bronx block”