24 Pics Of DJ Khaled’s Numerous Sweatsuits

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  • khaled24
    The pinnacle of Khaled's sweatsuit collection.
  • khaled 1
    Four Loko in the morning? Sure, why not...
  • khaled2
    Khaled's sweatsuit also doubles as a rain slicker.
  • khaled4
    Khaled keeping it old school with the Adidas.
  • khaled7
    The summer short-sleeve model.
  • khaled5
    Sporting the J. Crew, regatta-at-the-Hamptons look.
  • khaled6
    Rocking a classic 1980s-style ensemble.
  • khaled3
    One of DJ Khaled's newer looks - neon blue zebra.
  • khaled8
    He's been committed to the sweats look since his early career.
  • khaled9
    Khaled likes to keep comfortable in the studio.
  • khaled10
    The sweats compliment the mini-watch on his pinky.
  • khaled12
    Who would actually wear a leather sweatsuit? Isn't that kinda missing the point?
  • khaled13
    Rocking a <em>Miami Vice</em> plastic piece.
  • khaled14
    An early career pic of the sweatsuit kingpin.
  • khaled11
    Another older pic from Khaled.
  • khaled15
    His beard's like a sweatsuit for his face.
  • khaled17
    Of course he'd have his own custom sweatsuit.
  • khaled16
    A fairly inauspicious sweatshirt from the We The Best impresario.
  • khaled18
    Khaled in a street goth sweatsuit
  • khaled20
    With Cuba Gooding, Jr. in a Yankee striped joint.
  • khaled21
    Draped up and zipper[ed] out.
  • khaled22
    Chowing down on an apple...or something.
  • khaled23
    A simple YMCMB hoodie.

Like Biggie’s Coogi sweater and Run-DMC’s unlaced Adidas, the sweatsuit has become the fashion calling card of DJ Khaled since the beginning of his career. And with his seventh album, Suffering From Success , on the way, we can only imagine that Khaled’s collection of Philly tuxedos has expanded dramatically.

Now, XXL takes a look back at DJ Khaled’s long history with the sweatsuit.

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  • tod

    come on xxl… why in god’s name is this necessary?
    what kinda hiphop fan is actually into these type of fluff articles?
    Sean Ryon, you need to stop.. just. fucking. stop.
    this is almost as bad as your “post” entitled, 17 Baby Pictures of Rappers.

    • Sean

      Tod –

      Thank you for the input. While it’s a shame you don’t find the humor of this post palatable to your individual taste, XXL happens to offer a variety of types of posts – news stories, interviews, reviews, etc. – that will surely satiate your intellectual curiosities. Hopefully, you are capable enough to navigate our website to find these posts – we wouldn’t want to overburden you with photo galleries that offend your ever-so refined sensibilities.