j cole 2



“Sometimes I brag like Hov’, Sometimes I’m real like Pac/ Sometimes I focus on the flow to show the skills I got”

Jay-Z Biggie


Justin Timberlake

"I've gone astray, losing my way like Timberlake/ Produced by Timberland on that goddamn FutureSex/LoveSounds"

"Land Of The Snakes"

Bobby Brown

"Now I'm standing in the streets tryna politic with her/ In her mind she calling me a misogynist nigga/ On some Bobby Brown shit my prerogative, nigga, is to hit and never commit"

"Land Of The Snakes


"Man I been thinkin' bout moving out, what?/ Country boy in the city/ In New York nine years ran that shit like Diddy/ Ridin' through South Side Queens like Fiddy"



"She Knows"


"Rest in peace to Aalyiah, rest in peace to Left Eye/ Michael Jackson I'll see ya, just as soon as I die"

"Forbidden Fruit"


"And Henny don't kill the pain no more/ Now I'm Cobain with a shotgun aimed at my brain 'cause I can't maintain no more"


In an effort to take an innovative look at Kanye West's minimalist cover for his sixth studio album Yeezus—essentially a clear plastic jewel case—men's magazine GQ pulled together a handful of visual artists to draw on the cover with their interpretation of the album and West himself. Check out the gallery above for a detailed look at custom Yeezus covers from the likes of graffiti legend ESPO, famed tattoo artist Mister Cartoon and actor/writer/Riff Raff-impersonator James Franco. Magna Carta might be the talk of the town, but Yeezy Season continues.

"Forbidden Fruit"

Tribe Called Quest

"The only man above me is God himself/ All these other niggas is below me/ Word to Phife, Q-Tip, Ali, and Jarobi"



"Forbidden Fruit"

Adam Levine

"Take a seat baby girl you've been all in my mind/ I know I ain't called gotta pardon my grind/ Just copped a maroon 5, no Adam Levine"

"Chaining Day"


"Iced out crazy, I wanna shine like Baby/ Compared to that nigga I ain't even got a bib yet"

"Crooked Smile

Eminem Adele Featured

“I asked if my skin pale would I then sell like Eminem or Adele?"

"Let Nas Down"


"I used to print Nas raps and tape 'em up on my wall/ My niggas thought they was words but it was pictures I saw"