15 Rappers Who Have Compared Themselves To Gods

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  • Yeezus Intro
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    <h2>Kanye West “I Am A God”</h2>
    “I am a God/ Hurry up with my damn massage/Hurry up with my damn ménage/ Get the Porsche out the damn garage”
  • Bun B
  • Busta-Rhymes
    <h2>Busta Rhymes "Sleep When I’m Gone” </h2>
    “I don’t fight for crowds at all, I let wack niggas bitch/ And let them flip while they debate on who the king of this shit/ Listen, I don’t waste time debating them things/ Cause I’m a God motherfucker, God create kings”
  • ghostface-killah-5053b6c4a440f
    <h2>Ghostface Killah “Mighty Healthy” </h2>
    “When we hug these mics we get busy/Come and have a good time with G-O-D”
  • Jay-Z_Net_Worth
  • JB_Press2
    <h2>Joe Budden “6 Minutes Of Death” </h2>
    “I’m LL, in too deep, I’m thinking I’m God/Far as rappers, I’m thinking they’re frauds”
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • LilB
    “I’m God, I look like Jesus/ And I’m coming with that motherfucking heater”
  • Pusha_Press_001.jpeg
    <p>For the past six months, Virginia-bred MC Pusha T has been promoting the release of his debut solo LP <i>My Name Is My Name</i>, originally set to be released July 16th. Via interviews, viral videos and just about every media outlet you can imagine, Pusha had his sights on that date, and rap fans fittingly got hyped to watch him finally strike out on his own.</p><p>But alas, as is the way with many artists who aren't able to build up a proper buzz with promotional singles&mdash;Pusha's Future-featuring "Pain" wasn't exactly radio-friendly and the more recent "Numbers On The Boards" fizzled quickly after its release)&mdash;it looks like Pusha's intended release date will come and go without any new music from the coke boy.</p><p>Now, since there could be many other factors at play in the delay of Pusha's LP, <i>XXL</i> compiled a list of 10 possible reasons why Pusha won't be putting it out on July 16th.</p>
  • thegame1
    <h2>Game “Blood Of Christ” </h2>
    “All the way to jacking niggas for their Jesus pieces/ I’m God to you bitch ass niggas, put that on Matthew, Paul and Peter”
  • ti-5058e6cc3a106
    <h2>T.I. “Hot Wheels” </h2>
    “As a mothafucka, swear to God, I’m God/ To the trap niggas and dope boys…pause”
  • BigSeanChain
    <h2>Lil Wayne "I'm Me"</h2>
    "This is Tha Carter, Tha Carter 3, the New Testament/And I’m the god, and this is what I bless ‘em with"
  • vlcsnap-2012-10-07-18h25m36s70
    <h2>A$AP Ferg “Persian Wine”</h2>
    "Young Trap Lord, might die on a cross/Gold link chain swing down to my balls"
  • Rakim

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  • simon says..

    The only rapper who deserves to compare himself to god(of course i mean metaphorically speaking,not be taken literally) in this list is none other than Jay-Z.He has had more than 10 number one albums.He is a cultural icon,He is a very influential and still relevant and also lyrically superior(though rakim is too he lacks the longevity and cultural influence of his counterpart ).For the rest to compare themselves to a deity is just a joke or just boasting

    • Cocaine Howie

      You said Rakim lacks cultural influence? I was almost with you all the way but now your point’s moot.

      • simon says..

        I think you got me wrong i meant rakim is not as influential like jay-z.His cultural influence does not extend beyond hiphop.Granted he created the blueprint of hiphop,but has he ever endorsed a product?is even relevant nowadays?.He may have been a force to reckon with in the late 80′s and early 90′s,but currently he is extinct

  • Montez

    Tupac is the greatest n he’ll be the first to say he isn’t a God! But PAC still got the most album sells by any rap artist n he been dead for 17 years! He has statues in Germany Russia…like I don’t see other countries making statues of any other artist! He has painting in Africa and Jamaica. TUPAC was a hot head, but he knew his place when it came to God! Is there any rapper that talked to God in their songs more than TUPAC? Naw I doubt it!

    • simon says..

      Agree tupac has been dead for a long time yet his more relevant than most cats today.His music transcends cultural,time and geographical barriers:He is the most iconic rapper ever and i doubt if he will ever be forgotten.

    • FrancisJane

      Eminem is the best selling hip-hop artist of all time. Look it up.