Win Tickets to See Black Hippy, Earl Sweatshirt, Kilo Kish & More Perform at Downtown Festival in NYC


Festival season is officially upon us. Black Hippy, Earl Sweatshirt, Kilo Kish, Black Dave, and more are rocking this year’s Downtown Festival in New York. The performances are scheduled for May 10 and May 11 at venues such as Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, Pianos, Cake Shop, to name a few.

Downtown Festival takes place in Manhattan’s Lower East Side where the artists will play intimate shows throughout the weekend. After New York, Downtown Festival will head to Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver and Las Vegas for six additional dates. Each city will include its own specific line-up with their own emerging artists across different genres.

We’ve teamed up with Rocksmith to give away two pairs of tickets. Leave a comment below about your favorite Rocksmith item and an answer on why you should win.

Black Hippy
Earl Sweatshirt
Sky Ferreira
Palma Violets
Andrew Wyatt (of Miike Snow)
Ryan Hemsworth
Beach Fossils
Teengirl Fantasty
Kilo Kish
Royal Teeth
Port St. Willow
Kingdom Feat. Kelela
Fat Tony
Mess Kid

Purity Ring
Trash Talk
Autre Ne Veut
Black Dave
Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Mas Ysa
The Chevin
Wooly and the Mammoth
The Loom
Jade<3 & Blind Benny

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  • jesse vega

    My favorite rocksmith piece is the pop that trunk bucket hat & i should win because i’ve yet to see any of black hippy perform live!

  • Dillon S

    favourite piece is the crown rock button-up because i look awesome in it. and you should give me some downtown fest tickets because i live on the lower east side right by all the venues and actually listen to 80%+ of those artists (esp. black hippy, earl, purity ring, ducktails, diiv, sky, ryan hems, trash talk, teengirl fantasy, palma violets

  • ℳatthew.в⇜

    My favorite item is definitely the Eazy Tee because that shirt has the best graphic design, hands down. I should win these tickets because I’ve been a TDE fan forever. Also a fan of Earl. But everyone is going to say that, so my REAL reason is because I love music. Fuckwitme.

  • Julian Rivera

    JULIAN.JR93@GMAIL.COM!!!!! RockSmith Jersey #ThrowBack FVCKN UP THE GAME ! ill fly that way from The Chi to NYC !

  • Andre Renner

    My favorite Rocksmith item will have to be from this years collection which would be the “Pop That Trunk” Bucket Hat. I feel that I should win the tickets because I’ve always wanted to go to a festival like this, this would be the perfect opportunity for me to do that. I love the environment in New York especially Manhattan. I am also a big fan of the Black Hippy movement, Earl Sweatshirt and Kilo Kish. Thank you for giving fan, Like me for the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to see some of our favorite artist perform live. If you need to contact me email me at

  • Ace Boogie

    my favorite rocksmith item(s) is the ninja collection its so edgy and fits my style and i should win because im arguably the biggest Black Hippy fan youll meet and i wanna spit a hard 16 so they can know how dope i am and maybe one day theyll sign me or put me down but i really just wanna listen to the HiiiPower hits!

  • kevin

    itis to dope . i think i should get these tickets because im from ny and aint shit anybody iuld say about ny

  • Michael Cuby

    I use my Rocksmith Card Wallet in Navy all the time, and love getting compliments whenever I pull it out to make a purchase. I think I should win these tickets because I’ve been a fan of the entire Black Hippy collective (as well as many of the other performers at Downtown Music Festival) since before their big blowups. I am an avid supporter of music in general and there is nothing more that I would want than to be able to support my local music scene by attending this festival.

  • J.Harte

    My favourite item from rocksmith at the moment is that nu bucket hat collection that came out. And i should win the tickets because.. I spent all my money on rocksmith and can’t afford buying the tickets, but need to be there rockin my new gear

  • maxx

    Favorite Rocksmith item is definitely the manhattan camper hat in black. Looks fresh and fits perfect. I think I should win the tickets because I’ve never been able to experience a music festival, and I think it would be a crazy experience. As well, I haven’t been able to see any of these artists live since artists rarely travel to my city in Canada so it would be a great opportunity to see all of them. I’m a huge Black Hippy fan (especially Q) as well as Earl. So yeah, peace.

  • Jeff B.

    My favorite piece is the daft rock tank because I love their music themed clothes & I’m amped that Daft Punk is back!! I don’t really want the tickets for me… I want them for my cousin. He’s the biggest hip hop head that I know, but money is too tight for him to go to any concerts. He dropped out of high school, got his GED & is now dominating the engineering program at CUNY Queens. His birthday is coming up soon, and I think he deserves a huge present.

    If you guys pick me, I’ll forward you his info. A surprise like this would make his year.

  • San Williams

    forssure my easy tee

  • Nicola S

    My favourite Rocksmith item is the face down ass up tank top in black because it speaks my truth. Also how I would dance if I won these tickets. BLAAAM!

  • playaplayaflyaway

    Those Midnight raiders snapbacks

  • Donato

    I don’t have any rocksmith items, but if i did, I would say I loved them all. Mainly to receive the tickets, but who knows, I might actually love them. I think I deserve these tickets because I’ve never been to a concert and this seems like the perfect first concert with that line up. And I’ll purchase something from rocksmith if I win.

  • Stephon Thornton

    I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea what a RockSmith is and if it’s a video game then I have no time for that, but I am a 20yr old college student who got myself into college by using entrepreneur skills. I moved out my house last year with dreams to become “something”. That something is a rapper, songwriter, and producer, between being broke with no job, and taking full-time classes at college, while living on a college campus that isn’t my college is different to handle. Getting these ticket would be the “BEST” concert experience I’ve ever witness.

  • Parker Stack

    My favorite item is the BIG notorious t-shirt that is put on top of the nirvana album. Combining two great classic artist who have made a lasting impact on the music industry cannot get better. Having a young notorious take the place as the baby on the Nirvana album cover flows so nicely and the message is very strong!!!!

  • todd

    My favorite item from rocksmith would have to be the DMC Tee in Heather Grey,i think i should win the tickets because my friend and i rap and is all around Hip Hop lovers,and this would be great to see a live performance for the first time to see how it will be for us because we plan on performing in the future ,and maybe in the future i’ll be performing at the same place i won the tickets that would be a story to tell,well thanks ,my saying is that “Hip Hop goes into the body like an instrument,so be that instrument!”

  • Savage

    Favourite is my tank cause i gets all the pussy with it. I want to go so i can get some pussy

  • Chucky

    Never heard of Rocksmith. The Ready to Die/Nevermind shirt does look pretty cool. Might buy it later. I deserve to win because I’m broke and never go to rapshows. This would certainly up my tally. I love Black Hippy.

  • Rodrigeaux

    I have no idea what rocksmith is but if i win these tickets I will buy some shirts from you guys and retweet rock smith every day for a month, quote me on this. I have been following black hippy ever since jay rock was the first to break on the scene and been supporting them all the way. the friend i want to bring is a huge earl fan and would love to see him. i love seeing other up and coming artists and people i haven’t heard of and supporting them.

  • Armando Cotto

    My fav Rocksmith piece is def’ the Ninjas Tee/tank/hoody…it took the iconic Oakland Radiers logo & flipped the shit out of it…& “inspired” a whole lotta sharks…& i should win cuz im a born & raised NY’er that attends any and every worth while event…some how some way…it’s only right!