Who’s That Girl: How Eve Got Her Groove Back

On the delays that plagued Lip Lock‘s release: 

“I was supposed to put out an album after “Tambourine” and “Give it to Me,” the song I had with Sean Paul. I think that was 2005. But after “Tambourine,” I started having issues with the label and they weren’t supporting the album anymore. They kind of wanted to go back and revamp the album that we’d already did, that was set to come out, and it kind of threw me. Like, ‘Really? We just worked this hard,’ and whatever whatever. But we did it anyway, and then when I redid the album and when they still weren’t liking it I was like, ‘Y’all need to let me go. This is ridiculous. You’re not fucking with me, you’re not fucking with my music—y’all need to let me go.’ I hated them, I wanted to blow up the building. It was just a bunch of bullshit because I don’t think people were being very honest with me about what the situation actually was. It made me really mad, especially because a lot of those people were people that were holding me down for years. But the label started changing, it was more like the big, corporate side saying, ‘We don’t know if this is the right direction for you, you need to be doing something else.’ It was just too many opinions. Anyway, it took a minute for me to actually get through to them to let me go, that took a few years. Then it took a few years for me to find another label, then it took a few years for me to walk away from that label. So there’s been a lot of shit going on [laughs].”

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    There’s a typo in ” On meeting her current boyfriend, mogul Maximillion Cooper”. Just thought to point that small blip on an otherwise intriguing interview.