Waka Flocka Flame makes some of the most riotous hip-hop music in history. But lately, Waka wants to move away from hip-hop to start working in other genres such as EDM.

“I’m not a hip-hop fan,” he said in a recent interview. “I can’t even tell you where hip-hop started. God’s honest truth.”

He added that he didn’t want to get “stuck in refrigerator,” meaning the 26-year-old is looking at other creative outputs for inspiration. Diplo, Flosstradamus and more have been artists he’s been working with.

In Waka’s other projects outside of music, he discussed his philanthropic endeavors. For one, Waka is planning on opening a YMCA near his neighborhood, but is running into some obstacles. “They are giving me a hard time with it. I tried to put an Olympic-sized pool. They told me I need a two-million dollar insurance. Some crazy stuff.”

For another, Waka is trying to make it in Hollywood and spoke about receiving three movie deal offers. Add to that his work on a sitcom for Cartoon Network and he sounds like he’s diving in headfirst.

“I wrote my first cartoon. Cartoon Network love it. Serious,” he said.

Flocka recently released his new mixtape, DuFlocka Rant Halftime Show.