Tyler, The Creator Turned Down Kanye’s Request To Appear On “IFHY”


Tyler, The Creator was recently on the popular Q&A style social networking site, Formspring, fielding question from fans, when a query about a beat for Kanye West yielded a revealing answer. According to Tyler, Yeezy wanted to appear on his popular single, “IFHY” but Wolf Haley was against it. “[Kanye] wanted to be on “IFHY,” the OFWGKTA front man typed, “but I was like nah hahaha.”

Despite not letting Ye on the track, for whatever reason, Tyler added that the two have a close relationship that goes beyond music. “Ye is soo awesome, I talk to him almost everyday it seems like,” he added. “It’s cool to have someone you can level with about art and everything else.”


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  • http://twitter.com/DreDaDon_ Eddie Mars

    Tyler stupid he always bitching about not being played on the radio he should have let Ye get on both tracks he is a fan on Kanye so it wouldn’t even have seemed forced i fux wit Tyler tho but dumb move

    • Tune

      It’s because Tyler isn’t the type to let people outside of his group on his album. The only real exception was for treehome, but that was because he wanted a girl to sing it and the only girl is Syd but she doesn’t sing so it wouldn’t have fit his vision for the song. I think no doubt Tyler would be willing to have Ye on a song, but I don’t imagine it ever being one his albums like Goblin and Wolf. Tyler is going to be on Ye’s new album though.

      • Gorgeous Bear

        What are you talking about? He put Pharrell on that very same song. Pharrell isn’t in in “his group.”

      • dru

        umm. syd sings. see: “answer”

        • asaaaron

          “Purple Naked Ladies”

    • http://twitter.com/EdwardIVBNW Brandon Edward IV

      It wasn’t dumb. Long-term Tyler had more to lose by letting Kanye on it. You can’t create your own legacy with features every step on the way on your “big” records.

    • asaaaron

      Tyler isn’t actually a fan of Kanye. There are posts from years ago where Tyler is bagging on Kanye heavy. He really only fucks with him now because Kanye is one of the people who really put him on AND the fact that Kanye actually thinks artistically. He doesn’t actually fuck with Kanye’s music.

      • YourMother

        So what are you his best friend since you know exactly who he fucks with for whatever reason. That’s the problem with you dumb mother fuckers If you don’t know someone personally then you really don’t know anything.

  • faydid

    eddie your a douche